[SA] Crystaline Aura is obscenely overpriced

Hello, I’m coming from Tree of Savior to Lost Ark.

I’m already a converted costumer used to pay for a subscription (Tokens in Tree of Savior).
I’m looking to by Crystalline Aura in Lost Ark, but the prices a the moment are out of this world.

I can understand if these prices were set in response to the recent exploitation shenanigans, but at the same time it’s pretty lame to not be able to prog a raid because my equipments broke and I can’t repair them with my Pet if I don’t have crystaline aura.

I think I speak for most players in SA when I say prices are very unrealistic right now.

For context, as of today a 1 real is worth 5.12 dollars.

In tree of savior a Token just last month cost me R$30 (roughly 6 bucks) which is already a bit pricy for me, but given the current local economy it’s sort of understandable.

Last year the same token used to cost R$15 which is a extremely accessible price for almost any player.

Currently, a Crystaline Aura in Lost Ark bought with real cash is around R$57.

Finally, even if I was going to try to play without paying.
Blue crystals as of today cost 650 gold for 95 crystals.
Which would require 3.250 gold to buy 475 crystals. (5 times 95)

If anything, the high price of blue crystals seem to suggest to me that players are buying very little orange crystals or at least not converting much to blue crystals.

In my opinion whoever is setting the prices for this region is loosing the company a lot of money and making a comfortable game experience inaccessible for a lot of players.

When can I expect a solution to this problem?

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Its completely useless tbh. The only thing thats worth a damn there are the bitfrost keys.

what about repairing you gear inside a raid?

This ^ will become mandatory to not hinder yourself and others.

In response to OP - Sell some of your T2 mats, you can make enough gold to buy a 30 day aura in 1 day.

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That would help buy it with gold for sure. But I want to pay for a subscription. I like the game and I want to pay for it.

57 Real equals to roughly 10 euros. Which is what we pay in Europe for a crystalline Aura.
Its not the publishers or the devs fault, SA economy is fucked up, and more with local money to dollar prices.

In before I get bashed. I am from Venezuela, I knew what was to buy dollars in SA like, currently living in Europe.
It is what it is.

Most games have subs for 10 euros/dollars.

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did you even read the other game example I just gave? R$30 IS the hight price already.

Each game has their own pricings. Everyone in lost ark is paying 10 dollars for Aura. So you saying is overpriced is subjective. What is objective is saying is overpriced in relation to what? Other regions? All Lost Ark regions pay 10 dollars for Aura.
Whst other games charge for their subs has nothing to do with Aura price being high or low

Lost Ark is kind of global gambling machine with option to buy currency and many items are tradable. Regional prices are unlikely, because someone would exploit it. Unfortunately you will have to get the Aura for in-game gold.

Are you serious?
It’s overpriced compared to the region in question. People in SA are playing in SA, and not in any other server.

We should have a proper price based on South America ability to pay. And have it be not related to other regions.

The reason why they did not localize prices is because of the founders pack expliots that were happening.

It makes no sense what so ever to price everyone equally.

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It doesn’t make sense to localize a game halfway.

Why make things global like that.

League of Legends for example has good prices por it’s local servers.

Many games do.

It just doesn’t make sense to price things globally.

This “feature” came with ever so unprepared global launch by Amazon Games.

I’m not gonna farm it. They need to fix this.
We should not conform to this.

Don’t waste your breath. Most people on the forum don’t know how regional pricing works. They don’t understand that salaries in some countries are much much lower in comparison. You will see as the thread goes on… Most people seriously don’t understand.

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I do believe the foruns is the proper place to raise this issue. Even if it means to explaining regional pricing.

We need to voice our problems so they can hopefully, eventually, listen and do something about it.

Oh a lot of us do get it.
Like I said I lived in venezuela for 18 years. And bought in dollars for online game with our shit salaries there.

And I also understand why regional prices are not made in Lost Ark

Should I complain because high salary countries in EU like Finland are paying less compared to the lower salary countries like Spain?
Where Finland minimum wage is easily double that of Spain.

Let’s also cut Spain Aura price in half.

If South America wasn’t a profitable region to have your game localized in, we would not have gotten servers for the region.

Just because you live in Venezuela and is able to afford importing the product, does not mean this is normal or that it should happen.

Games do have localization of prices and launch dedicated servers for each region.

Unfortunately Venezuela can’t have that for complex reasons.
That does not mean your case is normal.