SA Economy is Broken

Even with the gold nerf BC prices in SA keep rising. Before it was hard to buy BC to get Pheons and other stuff from the game, but now that the gold income is nerfed it is harder.

I have a roster of 6 1470-1460 and my income is around 40k/week (more if I get lucky with drops). It means that I have to save gold for more than 1 week to get 100 Pheons, which means not hone, not bid, not buying Crystalline Aura, etc…

It’s getting to a point where all your farm is designated to in-game services, which makes every progress harder.

These are the BC prices right now on SA:

Please consider doing something to help our region, can’t see it surviving longer the way it is.


We don’t invest in the game, they don’t care, the best we can do is stop trying, or switch to the NA server.

until now we paid 5x more to have the same value in crystal as the european and american servers, streamer stoopz talked about it and they just ignored it, if they ignore big players in the community, imagine us, that we are nothing.

The gold nerf will affect us negatively, but they didn’t think about it, they can’t bring an update without bringing something broken or something, they will never do research on how the nerf will affect players on other non-NA servers,
for the simple fact that we do not make a profit for them.

We have to pay 5x more for crystal and yet we have the worst inflation of all the servers, exactly because we need to spend more.

Since the gold nerf, inflation only went up on the server, it will never change on the SA server.


Keep the frog in SA indefinitely and add more items to it.

That is, unless you suck at treating regions fairly.

Regards, NA East

They are,


The Brazilian monthly salary is 1,302R$, a royal crystal pack of 12,000 crystals is equivalent to 40% of the Brazilian monthly salary.

the situation only gets worse in SA, in countries like argentina and neighboring countries.

If we had regionalized prices like most games like, (apex, cod and many others) we wouldn’t have this bizarre inflation on the server, and most players wouldn’t have stopped.


Hi, anyone want to say anything about this, or what? Crickets?

Your players in South America are suffering big time. I’m going to go ahead and assume you’re NOT okay with that, unless we just want to leave it right here and turn a blind eye.

Push Smilegate harder. Put your foot down. You’re Amazon. Wave that thing around.

SG and AGS just needs to pull the plug on SA already so people who still haven’t will move to NA, just nothing but complaining and whining from the region nonstop.

I think you’re mixing up our NA region full of complainers and weak players and comparing them to the only region that has a legitimate gripe.