[SA] Petition from South America players to reduce shop prices to our reality

EDIT: Please, supporters, leave a comment as well so the post don’t sink.
EDIT2: I don’t even care if the game is P2W, that’s not in topic. The thing is that we achieved a whole new level in SA, going from P2W to P2Bankrupt.

Hi. I took the liberty to create a topic to condensate South America’s players opinion about current Shop prices. A lot of people want to buy in-game currency with cash, but those prices are outrageous, to the point of achieving 20%, 30% and sometimes 50% of a monthly salary in our reality.

Cash shop ia a huge part of this game, and we see that we were supposed to buy a small but consistent amount of that every month; that’d generate a lot of income for dev and pub. At the same time, would create an immensely better overall experience for the players who love this game. But as it is, a single costume costs over R$ 200,00 (speaking as a Brazilian player); monthly Crystalline Aura is R$ 55,00; most expensive Royal Crystal pack R$ 550,00 (!!!). It’s simply impossible to keep up with in-game purchases, even for an upper mid class person. People from other regions cannot understand how crazy expensive this is.

Inflation of gold is reaching something like at least 5% a day, with that rate going up, discouraging players from the game to keep up with the market. At the same time, bots are taking over the game and gold sellers are praticing prices up to 75% CHEAPER than Amazon’s! I understood the need to keep exchange rate for Founder’s Pack at launch, but we’re already at a point that’s not needed anymore. More, you need to lower those prices if you want to gerenerate income in our region and prevent players from looking for gold sellers. And believe me: that’s a hella of a common practice in every MMO when the game’s company do abusive prices.

Since day -15 people have been asking for this adjustment, but every single topic on that matter that I visit is completly ignored by moderation team, like that’s not an issue.

Every attention now from AMZ is being directed to EU and NA, like SA don’t exist. That said, I invite every SA feeling injured by those ridiculous prices to leave your support on the idea below. Maybe with we show how much money they are losing they could turn their attention.


I would really like something like this to happen, but it won’t. As long as there are people spending loads of money on overpriced crystals from the store, it will never change. I just find it strange that in NewWorld there was monetary regionalization, I don’t understand why the same thing didn’t happen here.


I don’t think Amazon is blind enough to not see that their current income from SA would take a huge jump with lower prices.
But in case they are blind, I ask interested people in the idea to leave their support in this topic. Maybe we can reach a number of feedbacks in this post to make them open their eyes.


My friends are browsing the new skins and mount right now and saying they’d get it if it wasn’t so beyond our reality. :frowning:


Yeah, me as well. As long as we remain silent, nothing will change. SA people need to engaje more.

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Yo, upper mid class Brazilian here.

Current prices are completely affordable for the upper/upper mid class (just as I could afford Plat Founders and Vanquisher Starters for me and my wife without a hitch). For mid and below, yes, I understand it’s VERY rough, and requires a change, as no game should only be affordable for the upper mid and upper classes.

And as we don’t have server transfers (and probably won’t ever have region transfers), I’m all for price regionalization.


As an upper mid class, are you ok with spending 10% of your monthly salary to buy a bunch of Royal Crystals and a Crystalline Aura only? Do you even look for inflation in our country?

I am from Europe but i totally support this. The prices should definitely be regionalized.


5-6k/mo isn’t upper mid class bro, that’s what our mid class looks like. In fact, it’s lower than the median salary for most specialized jobs (requiring tertiary education). At this salary range, you can’t even reasonably afford rent in a good location in SP/Rio, or to have children and enroll them in a private school, or to use private healthcare if it’s not subsidized by your employer.

What I spent in the launch month (plat founder+vanquisher starter pack for 2) is enough for… 2 casual restaurant outings with my 5 member family, or fine dining with my wife alone (not talking about Michelin restaurants here, just a higher-end steakhouse, Italian or Japanese restaurant with wine included). It’s all about how you manage your priorities.

As I said, someone making 5k a month (mid class) shouldn’t be able to afford this game at the current state unless they live with their parents, and that needs to change. But saying the upper mid class can’t afford the game is such an exaggeration for most families.

If you’re using the stupid BR govt standard definitions for social classes, though, the middle class wouldn’t be able to afford food + rent (as R$667/mo/person is the lower bound for middle class in BR), let alone pay for premium content in any game regardless of price range.


We don’t need to debate about upper class and things like that.

We have other popular games in SA, we can see League of Legends prices for example.

The real reason why things are like this in Lost Ark is missmanagement.

The SA region was announced last second into a global launch.

They did not prepare the systems required for proper localization and as a result the servers will die.


This is not only for SA , in eastern europe is kind of the same , salary is around 300-450 euros , imagine paying half for rent and half for costume ingame .


I was thinking of buying the full skin pack since it would be a form of helping the game. When I first saw that I’d need to pay around 400 reais to get the full pack, that was a major let down, and it’s not like there will be a way to exploit that since you can’t transfer items between regions.

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Prices should be adjusted accordingly to the region… especially because the regions are locked from each other.

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I wonder when will they give a little attention to this. They never answer about it.

Perhaps if we could get this post moving, they will answer. I’d just like to hear an official response on this topic. A simple answer like “we are talking internally” or “this is not going to happen” would already suffice for now I guess.

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That was my intention. People need to come here and coment their thoughts. Otherwise they will just discard.

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I wish more companies would look into economic metrics before defining prices. Even the big max index would be ideal to look up how the final price would impact your income. I’m currently playing with five other friends, and we all would like to purchase the full skin pack and will not do so because paying 400 bucks is too much to ask. Even more so, when we compare it to the 180 days of crystalline aura. Is there a representative of the Amazon Games in Brazil? I know this was something that sped up the process in Riot’s case.

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Bruh these prices aren’t even a reality for most NA players lmao. I thought valorant skins were expensive but oh boy.

I think they still haven’t answered about it because they’ve already used the excuse “this question has already been sent to the financial team” before launch, now we’ll have to wait what the new excuse will be to continue forcing us to pay absurd amounts in the game.

They just vanish when we talk about prices. KR and RU do not use a global exchange from dollar. Why does SA get to pay 5,14x what other western countries pay???
I don’t even demand such reduction, I just want this to be like 3x lower.