[SA] Petition from South America players to reduce shop prices to our reality

With how regions are implemented for Lost Ark - each region separate from another, AH is shared within the region, I feel like there’s no reason not to implement regional pricing? I hope it’s just AGS’ inexperience when it comes to game publishing.

“please let us give you more money”
nah, they have enough :smiley:

Here to add my voice, current prices are prohibitive to most players, I can pay 100 reais for a skin pack, I just wont because I can buy 4 skins in league of legends with that money, or 3 months of wow, these prices make me, a casual spender, a never spender 100% f2p player.

It’s not about if we can afford it or not. I could totally buy a skin and my economy wouldn’t take a hit at all.
The question is… is it worth it? 1 skin = 1 brand new AAA deluxe edition game from Steam lmao

In games with fair prices I’ve spent a lot of money, mostly for skins, like in LoL and Warframe. Even a bit on WoW and HotS, games I’ve barely touched.

In this case it’s hard to justify it.

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i’m just better off spending 40 -60 bucks in god of war, elden ring or investing in warframe platinum (i’m waiting for that valkyr deluxe) instead of buying 1 skin that cannot be colored and is character bound for 40 bucks.

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The Brazilian population is practically 220.000.000 people, +50% of all people living in South America.

More than half of Brazilians earn less than 1 minimum wage, the new Skin Omen costs 10% of 1 Brazilian minimum wage.

The prices charged in our South America region at the Lost Ark cash shop are totally wrong for the economic reality of our region.

This needs to be changed and we need feedback from Amazon Games Service regarding this issue, aka AGS.

New World was priced regionally for our region on Steam, the result was thousands of players from South America buying the game, consequently more than 70,000 players queued up on the servers.

Some more data and additional information from the forum itself, to add to the discussion.

They are charging BRL5.5 for each $1

The dolar to BRL conversion is BRL 5 to 1.

Packs are more expensive in Brazil then in the USA, while Brazil have a worse economy.

The 12k gem pack is half our minimun wage already, they shouldnt be charging the dolar more then its worth at least.

Prices Localization - #3 by Sourjack

*put it as simple as I can: *US money is worth 5 to 6 times more than BR money

Regional prices for South America

The Aura pricing is just WAY too much for us here, its 5x more expensive then a Amazon Prime sub (FIVE TIMES).

Without regional pricing for SA servers, its 100% cheaper to buy gold from 3p websites

The 30 Day Cristaline aura for example, is right now at 56R$, if you compare to WOW montly sub is right now at 32R$.
But if we compare those prices on NA

Prices Localization

The price of Crystalline in my country (Brazil) is unaffordable. R$56,00 is too much, take Final Fantasy for example, their subscription is R$28,99 here.
The skins are also very expensive, usually we find skins in the Brazilian market for about R$40-60.00 and Lost Ark gave is for over R$100.00!
I just wanted to point this out because there must be more people interested in spending on the game, but not for these values. It is better for you 5 people buying Crystalline for $29.00 than 2 buying for $56.00, just do the math, the same goes for all the rest of the content of the store.

Region Prices adjustment

Like I said, they would make much more money selling Crystalline for R$29,00 to 5 people (R$145) than R$56,00 to 2 (R$112).

Region Prices adjustment - #3 by Coldasice

To give everyone just a small perspective, omen skin just got to the shop on todays latest update, costing 2,000 Royal Crystals just the basic skin set, if I would want to buy just the skin, no weapon or mount, I would have to buy the 2,200 Royal Crystals pack for R$113,99. Just to give context, this represents 9,41% of Brazil minimum wage which is R$1212,00 at the moment, almost 10% of minimum wage for just the skin. If I wanted to get the whole skin Special Package I would have to pay R$278,99 which is 1/4 of the minimum wage. Keeping the monetization for SA converting directly from USD as it is will unfortunately push a lot of people away from putting some money on skins or essentials.

Prices Localization - #2 by Cardistry

Saying that I will provide some reality of Brazil so you guys could compare.
Right now on server you can buy 12000 Royal Crystals for 99USD, and in brazillian accounts 576.99RS (equals to 109USD). For those who earn in USD exemple USA, the minimum wage is about 11USD hourly, in Brazil the reality is totally different, the minimum wage is about 8RS hourly, that means 1.60USD hourly. Even for a crystaline aura that is 56.99RS is hard.

South America Market Reality

It is better if you sell something thousands of times for 1$ then if you sell it once for $100, it’s not like Amazon will lose any money by making the prices fair for SA, since they already paid Smilegate for that content anyway.

Latin America is the 4th biggest gaming market in the world, with Brazil being the 10th country worldwide, so we have a lot of paying players willing to support the game, but if things are too expensive people won’t be spending on them.

Regional prices for South America - #14 by JackSlugger

SA is priced high on crystals (exchange for gold) because noone is using their credit cards to buy royal crystal, then exchange it for gold, compared to NA/EU where everyone does it.

It is comparable to the Korean server that has been in existence for 4 years.

This is insanely expensive.

The solution is very simple and easy.

Regionalize prices.

So there's a big problem in SA servers, and nobody answers about it

The prices for one single skin on SA is about R$278,00 for royal crystals compared to minimun wage of R$1.200,00 is just too much. You can eat the entire month with this value and the rest use for basic needs or rent etc, depends.

Skin Prices on SA :(

Just for Brazil, whenever you see a price, multiply it by 5, so yea we are paying 500 bucks for the US$ 99 pack.

Thanks for killing the SA region!

For context, as of today a 1 real is worth 5.12 dollars.

In tree of savior a Token just last month cost me R$30 (roughly 6 bucks) which is already a bit pricy for me, but given the current local economy it’s sort of understandable.

Last year the same token used to cost R$15 which is a extremely accessible price for almost any player.

Currently, a Crystaline Aura in Lost Ark bought with real cash is around R$57.

If anything, the high price of blue crystals seem to suggest to me that players are buying very little orange crystals or at least not converting much to blue crystals.

In my opinion whoever is setting the prices for this region is loosing the company a lot of money and making a comfortable game experience inaccessible for a lot of players.

[SA] Crystaline Aura is obscenely overpriced

People in SA are playing in SA, and not in any other server.

We should have a proper price based on South America ability to pay. And have it be not related to other regions.

[SA] Crystaline Aura is obscenely overpriced - #10 by Orsini

It doesn’t make sense to localize a game halfway.

Why make things global like that.

League of Legends for example has good prices por it’s local servers.

Many games do.

It just doesn’t make sense to price things globally.

[SA] Crystaline Aura is obscenely overpriced - #11 by Orsini

The price set up for the region of Brazil is using the Dolar exchange to Reais(Brazil’s currency) back when the dollar was at it’s all time high of U$1,00 to R$5,70, since then, the dollar has plummeted to R$5,42 and it continues to do so and until the FED calms down in the US the dollar will continue plummeting.
For the second part of this topic, the economy in Latin America can not keep up with these asked prices, a simple U$99 for a game though not abusive translates to R$567,00 which is too much. Brazilians make on average R$1.200,00 a month before taxes so R$567,00 for a game is basically half of their salary,

Wrong pricing for Brazil

GDP per capita (current US$) - United States - 65.000,00 USD ‌
GDP per capita (current US$) - United States - Latin America & Caribbean - 7.400,00 USD ‌

Almost 9 times more than South America


My thanks to these forum users for putting up the discussion and providing relevant information about why we need regional pricing for South America on Lost Ark.

@Sourjack @JackSlugger @InitialDet @Coldasice @iaishagold @JackSlugger @Vinagretchen @Bubblegum @AbyssalSire @victor.xl

And among other users.


I just want this game to be as successful as it can in SA, but with these insane prices it’s going to be tough. Let’s keep this discussion alive and keep giving feedback to Amazon until they notice us!

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How come other games can regionilize prices but not Lost Ark? Is exploiting an exclusive problem of this game from all of the market?

i am in on this pettition

@Roxx please, read this

Not from SA but fully support this. Being from OCE, the exchange rate is bad enough. Hope this gets addressed for you


very good coment

there is another topic similar to this and it has been shared to the dev team or so they say

Another quote by Seawolf from smilegate


thanks for this <3

I really like this game, but I have enough control not to spend a dime while the prices call me “pay idiot”

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Supported. We need regionalize prices asap. Hope this topic gets the very needed attention from amazon.

How can they be exploited if the regions are locked from one to another? You can’t even tranfer your founder pack between different realms from the same region. I would love to get an aswere for that.

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Wont happen.
Exploited everywhere.
So… answer is no

Wasn’t regional pricing banned or something like that? Atleast i heard something while ago for steam. People use regional pricing to abuse systems. Like for example in Elsword. I can change my IP to Turkey and get 3x more cash shop points for my money, even though i don’t live there. But, i guess they just don’t care/ low priority to change the system per region and make it non abusable.