SA server merge urgent

Hi yall

So, ive searched the forums and i saw a lot of topics asking for the exact same thing in every region: server merge.

We had a peak of almost 1,4m players 2 months ago and now we have less than half of that.

Same thing to average pop: 600k to 300k

I had to create my character in prideholme (SA) because all the servers everyone was talking about (kazeros and arcturus) were full.

We know you guys had to create new servers due to the launch hype and it was good back then.
Everywhere i go there were more than 40 channels, we could seize all the game had to offer and it was great.

BUT, now that the population is stabilizing in less than half we had before, the “newer” servers are empty.
Literally EVERYTHING that is not cross-server is hard to do because theres just not enough people to do it.

I lost count on how many island or other open world events i went that i could not finish or even start because there were not enough people.

I NEVER did a ghost ship till this day.
I did finish spida ONCE.
Never finished tranquil isle.

And i passed through moake just yesterday, at primetime, and there he was, standing there and nothing a single person to kill it.
The ultimate open world boss of the game, the boss that other servers gather to kill it everytime it respawns, was standing there, just chilling.

Its bad, we are currently not being able to experience all of the game’s content and it sucks

We REALLY NEED server merges because, like said before, we have less than half of the population these servers were meant to handle
We dont need that much servers anymore, its killing the game experience for many many players and the only way to surpass this being start from 0 in a good server just sucks, we cant throw 2 months of gameplay through content and events in the trash

Hope you guys hear us out, its not just me whos asking for this



Merging servers is a no brainer after we lost 80% of our playerbase from initial launch which all the extra servers open during that time was to support that amount of players and now there are some servers that are literal ghost towns and you can’t progress because this game NEEDS active players to take part of events

Spida island with 5 people … let’s go!


They will blame our low pop by lack of interest or a common after-hype behavior, but not even a translation to Portuguese this game has. There’s no CMs for us, there’s no sections in the forum for us. Pricing is out of reality. Still trying to understand why release a game without propor regional support. 6 friends of mine refused to play LA because of all these problems.


Bumping this.
Sub 1415 non-instanced content is becoming increasingly difficult in Kurzan (SA).
Very difficult to find a party to:

  • Punika Legendary map or less.
  • Punika Chaos Legion gate or lower level.
  • Ghost Ship 1370 and below.
  • Spida / Death Hold and similar
  • Any field boss except Thunderwings.

If it’s possible to merge, it would be great. If it’s not possible, it would be nice to have transfer tokens so we could go to Kazeros, which seems to be alive.