SA Server - the "ã" character doesn't exist/is bugged. Help us speak our language in our server :)


This issue exists since the server was launched and it freaks me out that no one cares!

Look, we know that Amazon and SGR forget about “SA”; we know that people only refer to West Servers as “NA/EU”. We are happy to play Lost Ark in English and with 50- ping.
But HEY, there is a SA server too! We have a server here, in South America. Did you know that?

And the majority of the SA’s players are brazillians. And we speak portuguese (no, it’s not spanish nor brazillian).

And there is a character in our language that is PRETTY COMMON that the game’s chat does not recognize. It is, as stated in the title, the “~” + “a” = “ã”.

It’s present in words like: não (which means “no”), então (so, therefore…), mão (hand) and a lot others.

That special character is changed to some other random special character in-game, like: ^, !, #, & (screenshots)


Thank you!


The SA servers are just an excuse to prevent you guys from joining our servers :joy:

Most bigger 2 servers are Agaton and Kazeros, which one of them speaks spanish, I wouldn’t say Brazilians covers most of SA. I would say a good 50/50 or perhaps 60/40. Also top guy is being literally racist lol. Edit: it also bugs me when people say NA/EU… why not Global?.. lol.

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That image is a meme made by Brazilians on how they like trolling foreigners in games :joy:

Oh well lmao

No, it’s not, actually.

BR trolling foreigners is not anything we do enjoy or are proud of. It’s just something that happens and we can not control it. Just so you know: it represents only a tiny little small fraction of our online gaming population.
Because we are easily identified (language, laughter etc), it’s easy to pin point a BR troll, while it’s not an easy task when someone is trolling in english, for example.


I hope this get some attention.

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Hey @Roxx , sorry to beep you up. But could you pass this bug along? Or is there any other channel to ticket this?
I mean, you work writing and reading, you surely can understand how frustrating it is to have some letters taken away from you :frowning:

Hey, thank you for bringing this to our attention, I’ll pass this over to the team. Thanks!