SA Servers in imminent danger

this cannot continue like this, or they do something in latam or definitely the people will go away from a herd, from a group of 100 people that we were at the beginning, only 35 remain … they reach high ilvl (1440+) and that’s impossible to arm or get crystaline aura in game. Without touching the topic of the pheons

Please, check the regionalization of prices in latam! @Roxx


KEKW SA SERVERS GETTING ROLLED BY AGS GG (its a complete sentence)!

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AGS took him excellently to New World in latam. Tails of 30k people when it was a paid game.

I don’t understand what math they did to decide what they decided.

Buy pheons they said, you can afford them they said, cheap ass they said.
Game is a fuc*** circus in SA right now


Yeah. It seems they only take care of RMT in NA/EU. :confused:


OH MY GOD. @Roxx fix this crap for them. We at less than half of this on NA.

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1400 is crazy, but they are not so far away from NA that our crystals are already at 800g

This isn’t something new. We had been in 800-900 range for months, while other regions were around 300-400. Now we are this high while, as far as I know, all other regions are around 600-700.

its almost the average in russia 1800+ , even with a higher economy and many stuffs to generate gold there this is a lot if compared to our version with less content and costing 400g less for afford blue crystal , what a shame AGS, they must fix our prices ASAP as the money coversion with cash is the same as dolar , a dollar costs 4.5x more and its lesser than NA EU .SA prices is still the same as the founder pack in feb that costs 100 dolar for 580 R$

It’s almost as if not localizing cash shop prices, causing cash to cost 2x or more in relation to the average wage of SA countries when compared to NA/EU, would have an effect in the royal crystal-gold-crystal rates. Huh, imagine that.


@Roxx pass this problem to AGS. The prices in SA are ridiculously high. A crap accessory in SA cost at least 4k gold considering the pheons only with a 1 gold accessory cost. That will prevent us to arrange builds to get to the legion raids. My suggestion is to provide pheons to the players with crystalline aura, similarly to what happens in Russia. That would help to maintain a flow in the market which is completely staggered right now.


SA is completely forgotten, we don’t have translation in the game until today, I don’t say dubbing just a simple translation to improve the understanding of the game for people who don’t know English, we need to pay for the items from the store which is 5x more expensive than for the other servers because of the price of our currency and now the price of the crystal.

in short, we pay more, we don’t have support in pt-br, we don’t have a simple game subtitles, and the prices of crystals going to moon now.
just forget that we will be noticed.

we asked to have a server in SA amazon did, but after that it’s like talking now we don’t need to do anything else.



@Seawolf please, help us

@Seawolf please, help us!!!

Not so far? The price is almost a X2

Isn’t only the exchange rate, we make a huge less gold than na/eu sv in terms of selling jewelry engraving, honing material etc, yes is more cheaper buy materials in sa than eu and na but if you only try with untradeable like the most of the people your honing atemps aren’t more cheaper, you have to pay the same amount of gold per try with less gold, I’m honing my gloves to +21 and I have to pay almost 400g, but my guardians runs make less gold, so basically my 400g are more expensive than na/eu.SA economy is a subsistence economy

we’ve reached a point where if you don’t pay to win, you will literally lose and be left behind, the relic 3/3 jewel set is cheaper than the price of 100 pheons costing 12500 gold, congratulations Smilegate!

Why they do not make a statement about this?

Regionalizing the price has been a demand since before launch, and the only statement from their part is “Oh, we will forward to the team”.

Meanwhile we keep here struggling as even crystalline aura price is an absurd for the country we live in.

Guess they will have a fix ready for when there are no more players playing due to the bad pricing


That’s when i stop buying blue crystal… AH price plummeted but blue crystal is rising? Mari shop is not worth checking