SA Servers in imminent danger

Ty ags for kill a region.

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they ignore us.


SA servers speedrunning to KR’s crystal prices :sob:

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Multiple posts has been already made in this forum and reddit reagarding the econnomy and prices in SA region, I’ve only seen one that was answered by them, saying that there were no plans to implement any sort of regional pricing at that point, after that every post is just straight foward ignored despite of any engagement (likes, comments etc) and despite how many CM’s you tagged in it.

The sad truth is that SA region its juts like a “third child neglected by his parents” and sadly this post is going to be just one more “unreplied” like every other.

We don’t have a SA CM and we also don’t have any big content creator like NA/EU does to bring up this discussion and “make them care” so in other words we’re f###ed.



Wdym it is already higher then on KR. KR exchange rate is around 1.2k depending on the time of the month

Honestly I don’t understand what was the point of having bought the publication rights in SA to give us a worse product of it, they would have left us free to another company to publish it the truth, we literally have the worst version of the game (including the one from RU) .

It’s sad, I had high hopes after seeing that at least in New World they treated us well. In short, I will never again trust an AGS publication

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You are having the same product as everyone else in NA/SA/EU.
What’s the point of making the same thread 10 times when it was already addressed and none of you is providing context of prices in whole market in game?

I don’t feel like arguing with someone who doesn’t live the reality here, return the gold they stole from us and then come and argue something.

Reality XD
Because every european country is in great economic state right now.
Living the reality.
The reality is that none of you showed market economy in game at your region beside crystals, so that can’t give any reliable context. Also prices are high because people on your region are continously willing to pay that much for the crystals, you can blame each other for that if that’s real problem

Sadly they are a business and will cater to the majority not the minority, hence the SA and EUW problems.