Sad thing about all, giv us all class no crumbs

Its not about decisions, not about ILV, ENDGAME or VALTAN. We DONT have all class in the game, why not launch the classes in April and launch a few contents afterwards? Its very simple! Nobody else is complaining about anything other than that. If AGS was concerned about not looking “P2W” because of Argos and decided to wait 2 months to release “new content”, why not release the classes? It wouldn’t change anything negatively in the game. They want to create a Hype in relation to the classes, launching them little by little BUT EVERYBODY ALREADY KNOWS ALL THE CLASSES. What AGS is achieving by releasing classes this way is causing discontent, anxiety and dissatisfaction. I already have 6 characters, most of them are T3, I’m already reaching 1400 in my Sharpshooter but I want to be MAIN ARCANA not main Sharpshooter or any of my 6 classes.

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You are going to get a slow drip of content.

That is just the reality that you will be dealing with. End of story.

Accept it or don’t.