Sad truth about Lost Ark NA/EU (also other region except KR)

I just got out from SUSPENSION and here again.


Lost Ark NA/EU version is only here to experience the game 2nd hand. Why? @Roxx stated in one of her interview/podcast/stream with Stoopz that NA/EU will always be 4 months behind from KR version which allow us to see whats coming even before it announce to NA/EU version (then expect the unexpected because of the localization). If a new RAID comes out in KR Version, they will be the 1st to make guides, tips and content. NA/EU players will always have these step by step video to study and make the raid easy to run compare to having it blind. It will always be KR to clear it 1st. Smodge!

SUPPORT shortage, yes, SUPPORT SHORTAGE! AGS/SG decided to delay it til’ April. AGS never acknowledge this ISSUE. Never listen to the communities feedback. Can AGS/SG give me at least 2 things that the comminty suggested? I cant think of one to be honest.







Just saying, as much as want Artist, she wont solve support issue.

The reason she’s delayed is because of “development schedule” but that insinuates censoring stuff.

It’s silly either way because they knew for a whole year or two about Artist and what she was gonna be accompanied with.

The call on Artist release was extremely poor decision anyway.

The disconnection issues + bots top priorty, but with how long that’s been ongoing, I personally doubt a fix will ever come :s

You missed to give an OPINION to the 1st paragraph.

This part needed an answer from them.

I don’t think I’ve played a single Korean MMO where content was released on the same day so this was never really expected

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Tell them.

Why not? So you are OK with these 2nd hand experienced. You do you.

I only stated 3 topics so its not everything.


  1. Because of localization and maybe other reasons, we will never be on korea level.
  2. As mentioned, Artist will not solve the support shortage, because most of the people just want to play with dps classes.
  3. AGS will never listen to community suggestions, if it’s against their business, easy as that.
    I bet Artist is just released with Brel hard to make the swipers swipe more.

If you’re unhappy with all the other regions getting stuff after KR I think you should be shouting at Smilegate and not AGS.

Support shortage is a thing, yes. It will likely always be a thing due to the group dynamic in this game, unless SMILEGATE decides to rework some of the DPS jobs to be able to swap to support Tripods or something.

Just leave feedback regarding the disconnections directly to AGS Submit Feedback - Support | Amazon Games rather then posting about it in the general discussion section of the forum.

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I addressed both. AGS/SG.

Its a discussion to have and its been a while. It a reminder for them too.

KR can develop a content then localized it for different version then release it at the time for all versions.

Some like to play support but not Pally and Bard, maybe an Artist?

One person complaining on a forum isn’t a discussion, it’s a rant. You are literally ranting and demanding an answer, how is that fostering any kind of “discussion to have”?

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I highly doubt they are ready to do that. SGs priority is clearly KR. I don’t think they will delay the content just to release it on every region at the same time.

Maybe it’s true for a few players. But again, the support role isn’t that attractive for a huge amount of players. It was always like that, be it in Lost Ark or any other game.

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which region is raking in more $

RANTING is not asking or demanding for an answer, is more of expressing in disgust.

If I wanted an answer, then its gonna be a discussion.

cambridge online dictionary defines “rant” as " to speak, write or shout in a loud, uncontrolled, or angry way, often saying confused or silly things".

So yes, you can very much rant and demand answers at the same time.

(I’m gonna end this conversation here as I’m afraid I’ll get a CM on me again)

The definition doesnt say it. So…

If your intention is to educate, CM’s will be happy.

An example of how a community with normal people response (diablo immortal)
here it will be the opposite, the entitled guy will get the upvotes

Did I say anything toxic about the community? Im addressing the PUBLISHER and DEVELOPER?

Whos toxic now?

Nothing will “solve” support issue. It’s a common problem among all mmos. BUT another support class will HELP with the problem. If wait times for a support drop to 25 minutes instead for 30 it’s already an improvement. I can guarantee you there will be at least one high ilvl support more on my server in April. Well, in may because it takes time to gear char up.

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Ye it may help, but I don’t think as much as ppls maybe think it will…

I can’t see the ppl who will return for artist come back in 4months time, maybe… so the ppl who play artist are gonna be the same ones playing supp already so it’s kinda a non-net positive really…

I was gonna come back to come in feb if they dropped her, now it’s in april, i already started on RU again, if servers continue like this and they cuck the pretty outfits with OTT censorship, i wont be coming back.

I’m already annoyed no witcher outfit for her as well…

but I digress, maybe she will help, but I don’t think it’s going to be much at all…

I see alot of ppl like “she’s my main” w.e, but none of these ppl play her before, so 50% of those “future mains” don’t exist simply because they probs not gonna get on with the class like they think they will

Sure it’s common problem it’s not so bad as it is in LA as it other games because support diversity super low, and support is super OP for this game as well.

There is what like 15+ dps and 2 supps? even 3 supps is gonna be marginal, need like 6 supp.

And like i say for the endgame content, most of those “artist mains” as with all class, will probs never end up maining her, so still gonna be tricky situation at endgame…

to note tho, in LAON they did say they are going to buff up supps to make them more enjoyable all round, ppl maybe switch in future balance patch when supps aren’t as annoying for solo content…

i feel like maybe some classes should have a 3rd engraving, or 3rd engraving in general that gives dps classes off-support role somehow

That is how it’s meant to work. AGS is the publisher, they didn’t develop the game, so they will always get the game’s latest version after the developers have delivered the game to their own clients/customers first. Their own client is their first concern than other clients after.

They develop the game for their own clients first, then pass that on to their publisher after some time, and support shortage is region-wide not just EU/NA. All regions have and will always have a support shortage as long as the distribution between DPS players and SUPPORT players is distributed towards DPS players.

More people like seeing big damage than providing buffs and stuff to make that big damage bigger.

I can’t speak of the DC issue, as I don’t experience much of it on RU except if I’m watching videos and taking up all my bandwidth causing my VPN to go slow.