Safe to use compensation pheons?

i just went and bought 100 pheons just to make sure i dont use whatever they gave as a compensation :melting_face:

That’s what you think

Compensation pheons? I wanst compensated at all. Amazon stole 170 pheons from me.

My feet are incredibly small, actually. But yes, these pheons will not be removed, as we will not be addressing or changing this situation any further.


Roxx we still getting dcs homie, please im really malding

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I am aware and it has been re-escalated to the team, will provide an update when I have one.


Good to know, thank you for sharing! Oh, and the pheon thing sucks but I appreciate the clarification.

Guess I’ll go touch some grass for a bit, you guys got me bricked up.

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We know it’s not your fault specifically, please understand that you reported (not saying it’s your fault) that those pheons would not be removed and we could spend them without any concern.

We appreciate your efforts, but I along with many of us do not think making us pay back the pheons was the right move, because in exchange for ‘economic fairness’, those with negative pheons are not able to use the marketplace, almost at all, during the release of a highly anticipated class. Additionally, if inflation is to rise, we would end up paying more than previously. Thank you for your time.

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Afaik, or at least in the past hour or so prices across the board are decreasing due to the gold toad so that’s something you might not have to be to concerned about.

you force people to use pheons saying go ahead and now they them back amazing you guys deserve a reward

Please continue :flushed:


I know it’s not your fault, but when the word of the community manager means nothing because the company might just do something else for fun, what’s the point in listening to anything you say?


So basically continuing to do whatever you want and ruining the game even further.

Well you said the same about the pheons last time and still they got removed… idk, i dont trust anymore… i dont want to get -30 more pheons

I’m afraid to log in after work tonight… And see another negative pheons from this compensation.

Is the team aware that those with negative pheons cannot use Auction House to buy engraving books and items that cost 0 pheons? The negative balance is restricting us from making purchases that dont even need pheons.

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Considering you guys specifically stated the pheons would not be removed from those of us that claimed them, then went back on your word; how can we trust that what you’re saying now is not going to bite us in the ass later? I lost more pheons than I collected from my characters, how does that work?! some of those pheons were ones i purchased in the shop.

this is tantamount to theft. you took some of the pheons i bought.
it’s bad enough you guys screwed us on the power passes with the “visual bug” you never notified us of until after the powerpasses were removed.

this lack of clear communication and going back on your word will be the downfall of your game.


Are you sure tho bc the last time I got send pheons by AGS and told that I could use them, and that they would not be taken away, they got taken away in the middle of the night without warning and now I can’t buy anything, so now I’m not sure if I should spend them or bother paying yall even more money


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hey @Roxx is it safe to use express pass books as well? Any update on if gold is being removed from early exploiters, or will you let them have nice things for once? I didn’t get in on the book exploit, so you don’t need to punish them just to get me.