Sail Glyph Question for Astray


Please could someone help me? I would ask in technical but for some reason it’s greyed out to me.

I really like the ‘Sail Glyph: Bondage’, available via rapport.

The wording on the item states “Applicable to Estoque, White Wind, Brahms, and Tragon.”, however I want to use it on the Astray, other sailing Glpyhs such as Life, also state they do not include the Astray. Yet if I use the Hermida skin on the Astray, it allows me to use any.

I would like to know if I can use this skin on the Hermida skin if I am using an Astray like I can with the other sailing Glyphs.

As it is a lot of rapport to waste if it doesn’t work. I assume it does work as other ones do, and its just when you have the default skin which does not allow custom sails.

Sorry if this is confusing. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you if anyone helps

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Want to bump this because I just finished her rapport and also use Hermida’s Song skin on the Astray and it is not there as an option but every other sail glyph is. This is beyond goofy

Yes when you use a skin that can get sail glyph it work