Same account different server roster to bypass 6 gold limit?

Is this something that is allowed or people are doing? I don’t see anyhting that really prevents this. if you play east and just play on two different servers with two different rosters to do 12 weekly raid characters instead of the 6. Way to time consuming but someone brought it up to me and make me start thinking

I believe its been stated mulitple times by CMs that its allowed. For one if your transfering gold across its subject to the 5% tax everytime anyway plus you can’t share a lot of the roster based stuff either.

There has been many topics about it in the past, with CM/CS replies but no clear answer.

They only say it’s not the “intended” use of the auction house, and “may” get you banned, especially if RMT gold is involved

But bypassing the gold limit may be another problem




This is for “multiple” accounts, but since the answer doesn’t specify accounts but the action itself, I think it’s clear that it’s not allowed - do on your own risk

i dont really see how this would be considered any different than using AH to buy busses tho, if the only reason its not allowed is cause they would be using the AH to transfer funds

Seems that is ok to do it, but you might get flagged even tho you’re just a regular player

Same account different roster OKAY

Different account different roster NOT OKAY

That is exactly why they have specific Account and Roster limitations for certain activities like with the mokoko gold event is once per ACCOUNT while things like world boss are once per ROSTER.