Same bot still online that I reported 22 days ago

So I reported to Amazon in-game and through the customer service of a bot at North Vern 22days ago.

Well here as you can see on the right there is the same name “Xiaoqqar” farming collectibles on Shushire. Don’t know if Amazon are only catching bots with promoting RMT and not these kinds of bot.


might be under a different account so who knows. i mean its simple to create an excel spreadsheet with a list of names and just use the same name over and over again on new accounts

Wow this is good insight I am going to start taking screen shots and tracking as well.

It’s not possible to use the same name twice even if original character with the name gets deleted

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really, ive deleted a few characters myself and reused the same name again.

Well on release they said that there will be name lockout, so maybe they changed it? I didn’t see any mention of this changing, but maybe I just missed it (or amazon again changed something without giving a notice)

I don’t think you understand what a name lockout is, if you delete the character, its name is deleted with it.

he is refering to another post roxx posted about:


Just wanted to post this, thanks.

Yes but the character that I spotted was definitely higher than 10 since it was in vern, and it havent passed 60 days since I first spotted, so clearly it’s the same bot.

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First Sorc/Zerker then Paladi and now Artillerist … what next ?

Bots gonna become diamond+ in ranked pvp maybe :smiley:

I honestly do not think they take this seriously. I reported a bot last week. I got an email from the customer service asking for screenshots/videos. I replied and let them know that it is not my responsibility to investigate. They told me that they will send this ticket to the moderator team. And today I saw the same bot doing the same thing.


Well they better deal with this ASAP Steam trusted doesn’t work ;(

I would say most of bots have chinese name , happens is not suprise that i have seen players with +20 have almost the same chinese name , i don’t think this is a considence , they are moving all to their main character in order to do bus/carry to keep doing rmt , also using bots farming

Not true… it has been better… not 100% full proof… but definitely less running around

Just saying, but there is a chance that another bot is reusing the same ID when the previous one with the name is perma-banned.