Same Region Character Transfers a Possibility?

I am aware that cross-region character transfers are not a possibility per Roxx and other folks in regards to EUC and EUW. However, is there a possibility at some point that same region server transfers would be an option( IE NA East Azena to NA East Galatur)?

I know some folks got locked out of starting with friends for various reasons or possible other reasons folks would like to move (queue, lag, language etc), so was curious if this was something on the back burner or just not in the realm of things at all.


they should let peoples to freely change their character server and region to play with friends, this is a friendly fun game to play with everyone
only competitive E-sport games need rank region separation/lock that way peoples wont climb up rank on dead server or in future a better option world wide server matchmaking for more accurate and better quality of match and also is faster to get into match in so many games!

It is something we are looking into, but at this time the functionality doesn’t exist as a permanent feature so we can’t really give any ETA for whether or not this might happen. We are definitely going through all possibilities, though, as it’s an important feature.


This is just not good enough. I don’t care, if this doesn’t exist as a permanent feature. For me it is enough to know, that it was done in KR on a one time basis with lot of work involved. So why can’t you do this the same way? Too expensive for you? Remember, it was AGS that totally screwed the launch in EU and is responsible for the queues alone! At least start with closing the overfull servers, so when the bots are banned they can’t just create new accounts.


Thank you for the update, it’s nice to hear that there are things being done :slight_smile:

As I have said before, I knew how good lost ark was prior to release and as such, purchased the platinum pack and gold pack. I also purchased the bronze pack for a couple of friends, to generate their interest and support the game.

I fully planned on having every class in the game at max level at some point, so happily spent near half my crystals to unlock a further five character slots (has one free in platinum box) and couple of skins from the store.

At this point we were offered the complementary packs to help if you wanted to move to EU West, but of course I had already spent the crystals which is basically the real money aspect of the packs, so not so easy to just leave to EU West without taking about a £50 hit.

This is when I reached out to ask if Queues would be solved and was told they are being worked on…

With the fact I was locked into EU Central and the kind response from Stooh, I felt confident to select my bonus loot boxes on EU Central and wait out the queues fixes. It was of course later that we were told the region(not server) is at complete capacity and can no longer be increased. Thie update today is the first time communication has come through saying they are still being worked on, which is great. This also specifies server, rather than region transfers which I find a bit confusing, given it’s the region that is at capacity? or is that not correct?

I am don’t care about my progress or my characters on EU Central if I was to move(I know this won’t be the case for everyone of course), but I do care about the real monetary value I would lose given the server issues were not of my making, but an understandable shock to the sheer amount of people who came to play (And before everyone starts getting on the case of “They knew because of blah blah blah”, I don’t agree. Nearly everyone I told about the week leading up to Lost Ark coming out, did not even know what Lost Ark was)

Would it be possible for those who choose it, to simply have their EU Central accounts wiped and the store purchases made with crystals refunded as crystals? Then re-initiate their original boxes, minus the crystals? This would give me back the full amount of crystals I had, and allow me the unique skins from the platinum, gold and welcome boxes. Twitch skins would be a bonus too if that would also be possible (You can’t activate drops a second time in round two, if you already had them in round one).

I’m sure this offer would result in a fair few leaving EU Central for EU West, without the need of a character/account transfers, just simply able to start again with those unique items you can’t ever obtain again in the game, and of course not losing the crystals spent on items locked into that region.

This would help reduce the queues for those who choose not to move and make those who do want to move, happy without the need for a full account transfer.

Would be good to hear your thoughts on this.

Thank you


If you can get same region transfers working, you could just split EU central into 2 data centers, add new servers and let people spread out among those new servers with the transfer.

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