Saphia Pet Chest from Twitch

Hello ,

I redeemed the chest from watching crown stream for 4 hrs , and over 10-12 hrs have elapsed and i still didnt received it ingame , i did get the rewards from the legend of lost ark one tho. Is there any issues regarding delivery of those?


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Check the item box in the top left of your screen. I didn’t get a notification on it that it came in, but it was in there when I checked last night.

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I am having the same issue, however, I also didn’t receive the Starter Item Set. Drops have worked before with Steam for me, so I am guessing the drops are delayed or something.

Received the Twitch prime Aura and goodies just fine though.

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I spoke to a customer support rep , which recommends waiting at least 24 hrs for the item to be delivered