Save us time please

can we have Una tasks auto complete as a toggleable option after reputation is maxed.

can we cash out on rest bonus all at once instead of what we have.

can we cash out on cube and boss rush tickets all at once too. I know cube can do x3, let’s make it better.

first one, why, you still got to do daily stuff or use una task instant complete option to redeem a reward. Silly to get it free. That’s a no go.

Second one; It keeps your alts active instead of once every 4 days just to bump up with dailies.

third: Boss rush is possible to add x3, but you miss tons of XP that’s the reason why it’s done 1x at a time.

read the title, saves you time when all silver/leapstone una’s are auto completed.

read the title, whole point is to save time because when you have 10 characters… they already have enough content per day we can do

boss rush has x3? whatever, easy solution is to multiply your rewards by whatever your rest bonus is.

This is some next level copium. Also pretty silly

If you added: I want free stuff cause I did a lot I would have understand.

Not going to happen, daily una tasks takes 5 min each.

and spread that between all your alts, waste of time. just have it auto compete after you complete reputation.

no, it saves a lot of time after putting in the work for una’s and saves us time in general with chaos and guardian.

Just don’t play 10 alts 4Head

I don’t do them all at the same time, 2 a day + whatever extra. I want it to be more time efficient thus my request. make the effort of maintaining/farming alts as minimal as possible so you can spend time elsewhere.

possible outcome of doing this might incentivize creating more alts, which in turn gets people to spend money for character slots and gearing/making their character look good.