Saved Login Reward with 22d left in inbox unclaimable


As you see in the attached picture I have an issue regarding what I wrote in the title. Please help :slightly_smiling_face:

Server: Elzowin (NE)
IGN (main): Cassassindra

It’s past the 7 days so u can’t claim it

well that’s unclear really, I take it as when it’s claimed from the inbox then the items starts it’s countdown…

The item in question expires in 7 days *that start deteriorating since claim

The mail itself last 22D as of this posting but you must have claimed it and let it sit for 7 days in mail

I don’t know if they would help you this at all because it did state on Login Reward Board that this item only last 7 days, start counting the moment you claim it

Unfortunate but dont think they can do anything about it but what they can do about it is to properly convey the message that “hey once you get this in your mail or whatever the countdown will begin” or whatever it may be. There are definitely a lot of things that are not communicated well within the game.

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