Saving Names in Beta

I had a friend save a name for me and they deleted it when I was making my character, but it’s been days now and I can’t actually get my character name? No one in game has my handle, but the “name is taken” message still pops up. This makes me believe the system stores the name as in use, but does not release if after a certain amount of time. Has anyone had this happen?

120 days between deletion of character and getting the name. It is absolutely stupid.

Apparently, the 120 days that it supposedly takes for a name to become free again after character deletion is to discourage the sale or profited exchange of character names.

120 days?
Oh god i’m glad i’ve read that, i want to reserve a name for Destroyer in advance but this way i would not be able to use it.
I understand their reasoning but 120 days is A LOT.

Yeah, agreed!

Even with that reply, the unavailable name thing has been added to the CBT known issues list. Maybe that’s something they won’t be able to fix during CBT but might be changed for release? One can hope they make it like RU… same for naming rules

This doesn’t jive with the way the beta is working now. It’s a day for a main and immediate for non mains.

That is not what the devs of this forum have stated numerous times. I myself haven’t been able to get my name back yet, but my friend did after a day. No clue what is going on.