Saving PowerPass for future character?

Are we able to save our powerpass for a future character like Artist when it is released?

I don’t see why not. I don’t think there’s a limit on when you use it.

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There’s a chance they’ll release power pass for future class releases, they’ve done that before for the other regions I’m pretty positive, don’t know if it’s every time though

Yes, you can save your powerpass for future releases, BUT they will be adding powerpass in the game in the future and there are also knowledge transfer, so you have a lot of options if you’re going to wait for the artist release.


It could be a year before we see Artist.

I personally think that it makes more sense to use them now and here is why:
-Roster Level is important for end-content so you should do Daily Stuff on as many alts as possible right away.
-After reaching Tier 3 you will hit a MAJOR Wall and wish you would have more Characters in like Tier 2 already at least.
-Level 50 Alt Characters give you access to NPCs that sell essential materials and other items with daily/weekly caps.

Like, thanks to Roster Level, Runes and Card Sets you can later face role your way to 50 within a day. The progress you lost until then, unless you manually leveled characters to 50, will by that time be weeks or even months.

So short: More 50 Characters = Faster Progression. More items. More Gold. More Power.