Scammed of entry ticket for Clown

Once again, your automated system for giving back entry tickets DOES NOT WORK, please fix it once and for all.

The maintenance was not scheduled properly, it didn’t happen at the right time and we were in gate 3 of Clown and obviously we lost the entry ticket.

EVERYTIME there is a maintenance there are players who lose their entry tickets, do you even try to do it properly ? You release the most hype content we’ve had in MONTHS and in that same week there are server merges and poorly planned maintenances, and when all of that is done you just can’t enter anymore. What’s frustrating is not being locked out of a raid once, shit happens, I guess, but every single time there is a maintenance you leave players stranded. Do better, you can’t do worse anyway so at least go forward.


Totally agree with you… Queued for G3 , I went in at loading ,the rest 3 were not in the loading screen obviously…when the time expired I went back in North Vern and saw I’m not in a party… They decided to make remake. Welp… after that my entry was gone. Proof here:

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Happened to me too- got my ticket back after 13 hours