Scammers in NA warning for bussers

Today at around 5-6 am EST I tried bussing Argos P3 and I had an issue with one of the guys who wanted the carry, as he was not paying by buying his designated gem. After that he tried to tell me that he bought the gem but I never got the gold. Then he held the party hostage by moving to a location where the game said that he was in an invalid location to be kicked so we couldnt kick him. This happened twice in a row with 2 different people. One of them agreed to get on discord after 10 mins of waiting for his payment and he showed me that he had the game that I linked for him to buy, but he accidentally showed on discord stream that he bought that gem for 25g (on his auction house history). Both of the guys who did this were speaking indonesian in chat and the 2nd guy did it on discord too, then he called someone else to translate for him as he couldnt understand me. I wouldve thought that he is new to the game or there is a language barrier that makes it hard, but the fact that happened twice in a row with 2 different people having the exact same problem, both speaking indonesian, and both saying that they bought the gem but they actually bought one for 25g is just too suspicious. I would advice people just to charge when the run starts to detect this kind of things earlier and not in the middle of the run. It was probably just a coincidence but I think its worth the heads up

Hmmm … have you seen this post ?

Not sure if he is one of them or happened to him too.

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T1 jewelery is a much more effective proof of purchase. Id suggest using that over gems

Sounds a lot like what happened to me. But mine was 2 different people in a row. Looks like we got some trolling culture going on lol

This is why you link T1 accessories, not gems. They can’t pull that stuff because it is nearly impossible to have an identical accessory with the same stats/engravings/negative engraving/AND quality.

These people ruin it for legit bussers and legit riders.


Good. Bussing should be removed.

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I just wait 3 minutes then immediately restart and kick the offender. Don’t waste time. Just do the p1 and p2 again.

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and that is why i charge before P1

Nah i would never charge before any content is done. The amount of bad busses out there plus scammers shows that its a bad idea to take a bus that collects before p1.

imagine bussing then complain lol

Bussing then not getting paid? yeah Imagine not liking that

Nope, why?

I’m kind of conflicted on bussing because it does help some casual players who are unable to complete the content but it ruins the economy for everyone else. At some point, it will be mandatory to bus or you will not keep up with inflation.

Every ALT Atm is generating gold they shouldn’t be obtained so easily without dumping any back into gold sinks. Part of the reason crystal prices are going up is for this reason as well, it’s not just because of the 3day hold. Everyone is generating EZ gold from Argos so naturally, prices are going to go up.

Also, it opens up the game to more sources of RMT and creates avenues for people to scam without any accountability. They aren’t breaking any TOS by not paying you and leaving.

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I’m sorry to hear that… But yea if I were the passenger, I will report this guy make sure the other 7 does… Also from now on you better use t1 accessories so that they can’t excuse anymore. We should support each other if we see this things happens, I encourage all passengers to report together if seeing this case. The trust between the bus drivers and the passengers shouldn’t be spoiled this way. Hope this kind of people gone from our game atmosphere! Happy Lost Ark :wink:

Allow me to translate: I’m not good enough to drive a bus, and I don’t want to pay for a ticket, plz just carry4free!

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I carry for free.

Good try though, F2Per.

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That’s how I feel about it too and I have a juiced roster for busing. I’d prefer if it didn’t exist at all

I feel almost forced to because we’re hard gold gated and there’s an inflation. I’m busing and I’m barely keeping up. If I stopped, man I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I rather busing not be a thing and there be less inflation

But then again, it’s unrealistic. It’s hard to stop busing and too much resources if they try to

Also beware of people pretend to send payment but in fact asking for payment (billing type of mail)

yeah we all reported him