Scattered Bits of Memories

I made a Machinist and Used the Punika Powerpass on him. Iv been doing the Adventurer’s path with him and am now at 96% finished. I have to do Scattered Bits of Memories now for Excavating but I am unable to Complete this part of the Adventurer’s Path my excavating isn’t high enough ATM to use the Excavation icon by placing it on my bar. Also using G or Clicking on the Echoes of Old Memories doesn’t work, so what if anything can I do beside going somewhere and excavate until my skill is at lvl20 ?

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Pay a visit to Golden Wave Island, there you can trade Excavating XP pots for some excavating mats. Maybe that could help you

Unless it changed, the nodes in Trixion aren’t “real” nodes.

You should be fine just clicking on them after discovery.

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