Scouter and kokul saydon same time not so good

Hello, im very happy scouter was picked for next class since i was planing for months to mainswap. You now decided tho to release him with kokul saydon which means that if we want to do it first week on our scouter, we have to go in there with 2 piece relic set and 2 preordained from argos. That means we gonna miss a lot of dmg. Unlucky i guess. Imagine tho u put scouter earlier give us time to farm relic set and not be kinda dead weight in kokul saydon first week.that woulda been much better for everyone.

This decision gonna be the reason we will have to kind of get carried, thats bad imo, yes relic set is a huge deal and big game changer.


Because everyone is going to hone instantly straight from character creation to 1475, sure XD

Don’t forget that you won’t even have skillpoints and level to add them, but you are talking about sets that are not going to be complete in week 1


For sure build won’t profit from having level 60 and skills on level 12 instead of level 10, keep going

Hi @Wilczasty. Albeit i dont like the way you write out your arguments, i still want to clarify some Points mentioned by @Nahmir.

As a Shadowhunter Main and soon a Scouter as second main i really like the concept of transformation classes. The Reason behind the argument from @Nahmir lvl 60 doesnt really matter for that kind of classes is valid for some reasons.

Yes, you are right that lvl 12 Skills do a lot more dmg. but: Transformation skills have no Skill LVL… therefor they wont do more dmg when youre lvl 60, just the “normal” skillls do more dmg. The normal skills on Scouter e.g. doesnt count as main source of dmg but the transformation skills do. If you play Scouter on the alternative Build where you dont transform your point is correct, but this doesnt count for the Transformation build.

The only point is, that lvl 12 skills generate slightly more Identity gauge, which is insignificant when you have relic Accs with high Spec and the legendary/epic wealth runes.

I hope i could clarify some points regarding the argument of the Charakter/Skill LVLs

Ok, that makes sense.
I still think that some people are going to yeet and delete after some time

The clown won’t run away for you guys. You get to farm him plenty enough before Brel becomes even a thing.
You can thank Amazon for the stupid slow paced character release, cause every class expect the new one could be within the game since weeks.

I dont really care.
I will enjoy my scouter journey, I want to experience even t1 and t2 towers with him…
I have enough characters to do weeklies and logoff already, let scouter give me some fun.
But thats just my point of view.

It’s again a you problem. Wanting to do the new content with the new character week one.

Be happy to get your machinist and do clown one week later. You lose nothing, but time. But I think we all have enough time, if not you play the wrong game.

A few weeks cause a full relic set won’t spawn within 2 weeks inside their inventory.
Good luck to find a party who’s willed to carry a already pretty low dmg class without a full relic set.

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Lmao. Scouters will be filtered for a minimum of 4 weeks anyway. You’re not getting pugs without relic set and sufficient tripods. You can thank the ags business intelligence for that.

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No offense but he can have a static or guild that will help him. Or he uses bus service if he is desperate.

A bus service which won’t exist for a long time till 3 people get to carry 1 missing person in dps?
Even unlikely with a static unless his static contains two juicy g2g whales or rc enjoyer with the proper weapon to carry the missing dmg

lol you are a joke What do you think I don’t want to make it too why delay we don’t get content for a long time this is what saves the game every time and of course you only think about yourself :face_vomiting:

They won’t change anything, but such opinions disgust me. I understand how many people only think about themselves

I didn’t meant a clown bus, I meant bus for valtan and vykas if he is desperate to close the cap to the clown if he has not a static.

He was talking about he can’t play the clown with the mechanist in the first week…that’s still a stupid expectation

yep, with that argument i´m with you. but this goes for every class, glavier, destroyer etc… and i think it´s totally fine. You should test every class to build your opinion about that. Maybe i´ll be disappointed with scouter, but at least i´ve tried the class and can say for sure if hell be joining my roster or not.

@moderators and this is where the mods should be doing there jobs, closing and merging this topic into others like it.

There is about 100 topics on this already.

I’ll remove my glavier to test this one XD. But tbh on paper Reaper was looking more interesting for me. To add context I was not one of these “glavier mains”, I started month before glavier was added, it came out so I wanted to test it and now with full roster it’s just taking space and farming mats.

You are wrong here. When reaching 55 and 60, both transformation skills and awakenings are getting buffed automatically. About 10% damage at 55, then 6% at 60. Same for Artillerist barrage mode skills.

Hey man, thx for your reply.
Do you have any source for that? As far as i know, the Skill LVL on the Demonic/Transformation skills are always at lvl 1.