Scouter and lance master the 7 april

I hope i’m right



Didn’t they already say it’s Destroyer snd nothing more?

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no it was before the backslash

I swear to god if you are trolling…


Im very copium, im hardcore scouter main, but all that is enough for me is to atleast know when he is coming, i understand from business point of view they want the bad champs nobody play to be released to gather atleast some amount of money, OK but we need to know when to expect scouter, is it years, is it months, whatever it is, we need to know.


i need this now !


I doubt they will change it, but more classes is always better.

lance and scouter are classes for people who eat dirt irl. go play destroyer or uninstall


These two classes seem very popular so they might wait til more players leave and try to hook people back in.

Lol. :scream_cat:

big hammer

Man you should go work for ags with logic like that


Insider? Pepega

That roadmap may not even be accurate anymore, and they didnt say anything it was leaked.

What do you mean? That is literally the logic of all korean games.

these 2 classes are the most requested classes in the forum, however if they bring these 2 classes last I wouldn’t trust AGS

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They might actually speed up the release but they probably had a reason for the order, so I have doubt that the next classes will be anything other than destroyer and arcana. They might actually release them together rather than monthly due to feedback, but probably not going to change what they’re releasing.

It would be great if they did, there’s far more interest in lancemaster and scouter, but I just don’t see it. I for one am anticipating artist, but the past couple of months of playing lost ark has me convinced that that will be their last release and they will do everything within their power to mess it up before they give it to us.

yeah we have see many poll about them, lance master and scouter are the best requested class.


sorry but we need hope in this discussion, so jump in our copium train.



I also wish for them to release classes ASAP, but to be realistic I don’t think it would be earlier than April 14(which is the end of the current month+event). I’m willing to be the fool here, hope Amazon acts faster.