Scouter Arthethine

Different post. Wanted to ask on players from another regions if arthethine engraving is a viable one when scouter comes out? I prefer the smg shooting and not the traditional transformation build.

And is there some kind of guide on that build? Having a hard time finding one…

its viable but most of your mobility/DMG and crti/spec is with Leg of Evolution.

With Ardetain’s Tech you need Crit/Agility which isnt really common in JP where im from but this is the build you want since you dont really wanna iron man all the time.
With this build:
Arde tech lvl 3
Grudge lvl 3
Cursed Doll lvl 3
Keen Blunt lvl 3
Raid Com lvl 3

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Do you know some sort of video or written full guide?

And is agility swiftness?

I usually go off of what KR has written up there’s a guide but it’s all in Japanese and wont translate very well but im sure one the big KR streamers have a vid on it. If not i’ll try to help from what I know.

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Could you link one of the streams? Thank you for your help.

agility and swiftness are the same

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You should watch this i usually follow his builds

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