Scouter comes first in September or come together with Kakul?

As titled, planning to whether to save mats to push Scouter ready for Kakul or just take my time.

It’s at the same time as Kakul considering they are both in the part 2 section of September.

The second update in September will be the major content update, including a new Advanced Class, Legion Raid, and events.

So we have an update at the beginning of September and near to the end of September yeah?


Probably at the same time as Kakul just like Destroyer and Valtan.

They will never release a class and give time to catch up to the latest content without swiping.

Meh this clown release happening to fast. People who still struggling at Argos most likely to quit game becouse of that insane gap just because someone wants to push content.

For some people it’s too early for others too late. My main is already 1500 so I would have liked Kakul this month.

It’s never early to release content.

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28 september, because he have a new Express event

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