Scouter coming after Arcanist

In the June Team Update they teased the Scouter class!

that’s the mage assassin


You mean before Arcanist because it’s for the June update.


No no Scouter Warrior

Thats 2 much Copium mate u.u

yeah and we had summoner in the middle of the last pic but with arcana coming. Doesnt mean anything. And who cares anyway ? f*** this game

Yoz jar confirmed


I care brother

I’ve been running out of Copium for Artist and now I’m doing it for Scouter. . .

I just want to see if they censor artist on JP and RU servers, if they don’t then they SHOULDN’T censor her here :c

She isn’t censored in RU.

I try the class yesterday.

Oh thats actually good, Not censored Artist at 2023 :‘’'v


And new player get a mokoko icon.

The mokoko give a huge buff in your progression btw.


Ahhh mokoto icon is too cute.