Scouter d/c with weird UI bug after

I got a d/c on my Scouter in chaos and when I came back, I had the weird visual glitch shown in the Screenshot below. There was also that loading part you can see in the bottom right. At the end of the chaos run, I couldn’t click on “Leave” to leave the dungeon. I had to song of escape and the UI bug persisted after I came back out. I tried to fix going to character select, and that didn’t work, but I just got a black screen.

Hey @Yauza16, it’s great have you around! :sparkles:

I’m really sorry to hear about the situation (bug) you’re experiencing and the disconection. I want to check and try something from here. Can you please help me with the character name and World/server where it is located?
Also please close the game and while I’m checking run an Steam file check to discard any issues.

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Scouter name is “Bluezoneenjoyer” on Regulus.

I was able to fix it by ctrl+alt+del Lost Ark and Restart. I just wanted to report the bug to add it to possible future investigations


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I’m very glad to hear you were able to fix it my friend!

Thank you so much for your report, this kind of scenarios always help us to investigate on possible issues to fix them on future patches and provide the best game experience possible.

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your day,
Cheers. :leaves:

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