Scouter is home baby

Hellllllll yes i am so excited ive been preparing for this for months i cannot wait to get started on my scouter(machinist) this is so cool man !!!

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Time to start using the correct name… Machinist.

where are the patch notes/ roadmap?

I did in full message

finally i can have a main


This class is boring after a while and pretty weak, hence the buff in KR



I play it in kr its a fun class im not a chad or necessarily worried about hitting the biggest number’s so im looking forward to it either way

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Every class gets buffed and nerfed all the time in Lost ark thats why theyhave so many class balances passes

nah ill keep using Scouter.

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Thank you @Roxx / AGS team for listening to community feedback! You just made Lost Ark great again… Thank you!!


Let’s gooooo my body is readyyyyyy


Scouter mains would be pissed if they knew what kind of name I had for the class when it’s going to end up an Alt. :joy:

Scouter no more. Enjoy your mechanic.

me too so pumped for him in September, going to be longest 2 months of my life!

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Will become a lopang alt for 95% of the people that are excited to play it.

Machinist lul