Scouter / Machinist FAQ

Scouter / Machinist

Class Overview

The Machinist arrives in Arkesia armed to the teeth with highest-tech machine guns, laser weapons, and drones found in Arthentine— ready to blast, burn, and neutralize any threat with surgical precision. When standard weapons and drone strikes aren’t enough to take down a target, the Machinist can activate their identity skill and suit up in cutting-edge technology with the Hypersync ability. Energy cores for the high-tech Hypersync suit can be charged by landing attacks, and once entered, Hypersync core energy will be expended by abilities until the Machinist runs out. The Machinist will join the Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist, and Sharpshooter as the fifth Gunner Advanced Class.

Drones drain their batteries instead of mana, enabling explosive combat and tactics. Drones attacks can reach into blind spots with sophisticated control.

Skills using drones including their combinations skills can recharge the Hyper Sync Core energy. When it became full, the Scout can enter the hyper-sync state by transforming his Drone into a Battle Suit and equipping it.

Gunner-type Class
Male Only
Range: Mid to Long Range
Weapon: Main weapon is Submachine Gun.

Q1: Why is Scouter so popular?

A1: It fulfills the fantasy of playing a full armored killing machine. Who doesn’t want to become a robot to shoot electric lasers and beams. You get to become what you always wanted to be.

  • Iron man.
  • Unique.
  • Very easy to play.
  • Very cheap to build relatively (not on release).

Q2: Why was Scouter renamed to Machinist?

A2: After the huge backlash of renaming Lance Master to Glaivier, Amazon decided to rename Scouter to Machinist, dropping names like GOGGLER and Drone-Enthusiast. (jesting)

Q3: Is there a free Powerpass paired with the release of Scouter?

A3: No.

Q4: Can I use my current free Punika Powerpass or Hypexpress on Scouter?

A4: Not the hyperexpress as it expires by the release of Scouter. However, you can use the free punika powerpass on Scouter.

Thanks to @Vargarl for the following answer

You can create a gunner now, park it in trixion without taking an advanced class (which you should do anyway because it aquires Rest bonus there) and use the punika powerpass on it.

When scouter releases simply take your advanced class and you have yourself a 1302 scouter ready to go.

The unused pass expires, once you use it on a level 1 character you can sit and wait as long as you like.

Q5: Can I use skins like the Wingsuit (cyborg) skins or Spring dream weapons on Scouter?

A5: Yes for armor since its for the Gunner (Male) but no for weapon (future unreleased class).

Q6: Is there an Ark Pass releasing with Scouter?

A6: In a future update after the release of Scouter and server merges are complete.

Q7: Is there an exclusive founder skin releasing with Scouter? If so, what does it look like?

A7: Yes. There are also 2 flavors, red and blue. Following is a promo video of these skins.

Q8: I used all my character slots and I want to play Scouter. What do I do?

A8: As of this writing, there are no news on new character slots releasing with Scouter. You may delete a current character and later when a slot is available, post in the English Support section to restore that deleted character on the new slot.

Q9: I used all my knowledge transfers. What do I do?

A9: As of this writing, there are no news on increasing the number of knowledge transfers with the release of Scouter. Currently in KR, knowledge transfers are 12, we have 9. Purchase a Vern powerpass and knowledge transfer the rest, or purchase a Punika powerpass.

Q10: When is Scouter releasing?

A10: September 28th 2022.

Q11: Are new tripods update and recent class balance changes releasing with Scouter?

A11: No information on when yet.

Q12: Is Scouter popular in KR?


Q13: Is there a Twitch streamer or Youtuber that mains Scouter at high level of gameplay?

A13: Yes. Kanima mains Scouter and is a twitch streamer and has an active Youtube channel.

Kanima Twitch Channel

Kanima Youtube Channel

Q14: Can I make big monies on Scouter release?

A14: Yes.

  • Sell scouter engraving books.
  • Also, Save those Challenge Guardian Accessory Selection chests and open them on Scouter once you get it to 1415 or 1416.
  • Radiant Inquirer Accessory Chest II (1460) has an 80% chance to drop a relic.
  • Radiant Inquirer Accessory Chest I (1415) has 50% chance to drop a relic.
  • If you’re lucky and end up having a BiS accessory for Scouter, you will be very rich. Check engravings below.

Q15: PVE Performance?



1/5 Technology (non transformation build) Very Squishy

1/5 or 3/5 Legacy (transformation build)

1 outside of transformation, you’re very squishy

3 if you are transformed, you get 60% of your hp as shield

Burst Damage


Sustain Damage




  • Because of your escape
  • Roll, which you can do twice if you use tripod, also increases your movement speed
  • Space bar 9s CD
  • Space bar 7s CD Hyper sync form



  • 6% ap gain

Destruction abilities


  • Raid missiles and energy buster, no cast time


Legacy 1/5 Very Easy

Technology 3/5

Q16: What engravings should I run on Scouter?

A16: Legacy of Evolution (Hyper sync transformation build) is the most common because it’s cheaper and easier to play.


  • 5x3 Legacy/Grudge/KBW/Adrenaline/Raid Captain
  • 5x3 + 1 Legacy 1/Grudge/KBW/Adrenaline/Raid Captain/Barricade

Q17: Can I control my drone?

A17: Yes. You can move it with Shift and recall it with X.

Q18: What is that big number I see in my UI in the middle?

A18: It’s your shield. When you take damage and it reaches 0, you will lose your transformation. If you run legacy (hyper sync transformation build), your dps will be from your transformation, so you should try your best not to lose your shield, because if you lose it, you lose your transformation and hence your dps.

Q19: What happens when I transform?


  • 60% of your hp as shield.
  • 30% movement speed.
  • 15% attack speed.

Q20: Can I hide the transform HUD?

A20: No. Even if you hide your UI, it will persist.

Q21: Can I stay in transformation mode forever?

A21: No. 20 seconds or if you lose your shield due to taking damage, whichever comes first.

Q22: Can I customize the look of my armor?

A22: No. However, be aware that there are 2 of them. The one shown on the roadmap which is white and blue is when you have no class engraving on. Red and black if you have the class engraving on.

Class Engraving On:

No Class Engraving:

Q23: Is Scouter strong in PVP?

A23: Yes. You can micro your drone, and your drone is invulnerable.

Q24: What gems do I run?

A24: Just one or two.

  • Transformation damage gem. (lvl 7)
  • Transformation cooldown gem. (lvl 5)

Q25: What is my counter?

A25: As Legacy, you have a long range laser beam as counter, and you can make it faster too.

Q26: What relic gear set should I go for?

A26: As legacy, Hallucination.

Q27: What about my awakenings?

A27: Both your awakenings can only be used outside of transformation.

  • Carpet bombing: fills your gauge, lower dps.
  • Nuclear bomb: big dps. doesn’t fill gauge.

Q28: What are my stats?

A28: Spec with crit on the neck.

Q29: Any pro tip for Scouter?

A29: In transformation, always combo Q&E or Q&R.

Q30: How does Scouter play in the legion raid content?


Here is a Scouter POV for Helltan.
kuku G1
kuku G2
kuku G3

Q31: What does my engraving Legacy do?

A31: Legacy of Evolution: When a sync skill hits the enemies in the Hyper Sync mode, the damage increases by +6% (stacks up to 3), and the cooldown of other sync skills decreases by -0.5 seconds. Not only, but also when canceling the Hyper Sync Mode it returns +40% of the consumed core energy.

Note: this means that you only need to get 60% core energy to enter the Hyper Sync mode again, which can be accomplished by using 1 or 2 drone skills.

Q32: Is there a new skin line pairing with the release of Scouter?

A32: Yes. Back to school outfits. Below is the promo website.

Q33: Can I use hyperexpress event honing tomes on Scouter?

A33: Yes.


Nicely written, only thing I would like to add is that your answer to the Powerpass on scouter is wrong. You can create a gunner now, park it in trixion without taking an advanced class (which you should do anyway because it aquires Rest bonus there) and use the punika powerpass on it.
When scouter releases simply take your advanced class and you have yourself a 1302 scouter ready to go.

The unused pass expires, once you use it on a level 1 character you can sit and wait as long as you like.


Thank you for the info. I will update the posting accordingly. I had no idea that is possible.


Funny how all guide / FAQ / videos etc are just related to legacy builds, and not AT. Drone control is great, and AT is way more fun to master in the long run, but no one talks about it. Same for content creator, i mean Kanima only??? For AT enjoyers, check Momoko youtube, the guy is awesome and have way more math detailed videos, akkan clears etc as AT Scouter.


I bookmarked this. Thank you for the amazing FAQ.

As for engravings, I’ll go stabilized status, barricade, heavy armor and park it at 1370 for now :3

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So wait—the tron skin pack i bought on my deadeye and put in roster storage for scouter release wont be useable on Scouter?

What the fuck

After rechecking, armor yes, weapon no. I will correct the posting accordingly.

Damn the weapon was going to be great I bet.

I wanted a laser rifle

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Yes, I believe so, that’s why there was a thread and an answer by the CM specifically targeting the weapon.

These are the Wingsuit, Spring Dream and Summer Weapons for Scouter:

No possibility to hide the fat ui is a joke
Same for the absence of the weapon skin

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Amazon cares a lot about accessibility. I hope they take note of this and add the option to hide the Scouter UI.

As for the weapon skins, yes, I totally agree as well. CM took note of it though and passed it to the team.


I don’t get why AGS insists on renaming the classes. New players will not second guess a class name and veterans won’t have to get used to 2 different names for each class.

Fun fact: The Scouter founders skin has the words “Scouter Crew Agency” written on the back of their jackets in english letters.
So cringe to rename just for the sake of renaming it.


Thank you so much for the important information and the photo.
I am eager to see if they change the wording on the skin to “Machinist”.

Q1: Why is Scouter so popular?

It’s not lol
At least not in any region where scouter exists.

Yeah, there was another answer showing its popularity in KR.
This one was referring to the West.

Can I buy the cyborg box on any class and open it on Scouter? or do I have to buy it on a Gunner (Male) class and place it in roster storage?


  • CM Roxx announced today that they will extend the duration for the Hyperexpress Event honing tomes which means you can use them on Scouter.

No Powerpass and no hyper express is just a joke. On KR they already got a 1415 hyper express on vykas where we got 1370 and they also got global hohning buff for 1415 for which we only have the stronghold research so far. We get faster class releases → less inflation in mats → higher costs, less mats through events overall. Considering that, not giving express/powerpass with every class like in kr just dont make any sense at all… yes it will be way more pass/express per year compared to other regions but the ratio of pass/express per class is the important thing… i think they just dont wanna see this or want people to spent way more money than in other regions… so sad, really loosing motivation after 3k hours played seeing this.
I thought, now that they revamped the release schedule from one class every 1, to 2 months, we will get an express/pass for sure because on destroyer they said they cant give out these things every month with every class. I thought putting this to 2 month was the point to be able to give out these kinds of events.
Guess no scouter for me then because without an event i simply cant afford it. Still trying to accumulate enough gold to get all my chars in good setups… then starting a scouter from level 1? No way. Not everyone has spare knwonledge transfers or want to spend fifty bucks for a powerpass to be at level 1302, hohning without global hohning buff after 1370. I guess scouter is swipe or dont play for now. I wonder why so many people rmt.

Dont get me wrong, I love this game. But thats a little too much for me if it continues like that.

@Roxx …maybe this will be seen…
@Shitsu great post tho :slight_smile:


A good decision will be either:

  • Increase the number of KT from 9 to 12
  • Free Punika/South Vern Powerpass and Hyperexpress Event

Also, increasing the number of character slots,

I am saying this also, because they have to compete with WoTLK. They have to make the Scouter release so big to draw mass players. Why Free Punika Powerpass and Hyperexpress with Arcanist and not the hyped popular Scouter?

@Freigeist Thank you for your kind words. That makes me happy :3

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