Scouter Or Reaper?

It’s either or, but honestly would hope it’s Reaper. Having 5th gunner choice and leaving assassins at 2 sub classes would be brutal and unjust.


Really hoping it’s reaper since currently there’s only 2 assassin classes while gunners have 3 already) and I want to try a pure assassin but scouter would be cool too.

Scouter would be amazing

Scouter :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

The next class is called - server merge.
And after that few servers closure.
Enjoy ur new classes

Because the class is bad and needed a rework.

From Korea’s latest Hyper Express Event numbers, it was the only class that went negative meaning that summoner is so bad that instead of people making summoners in KR, people deleted them to make something else.

I think it would be female gunlancer just because they dont even know themself, its just mind blowing how everyone is trying to find a reason for the class they like to come first. i totaly understand that you dont want to give up your last straw of hope but lets be real for one sec. it dosent matter what class comes next.

Reaper. Because there’s lots of people ask for scouter.

Popular classes probably will be released when the player number dropped significantly and could be used as a bait to make player that wait for those classes to come back in the game

The classs is not bad at all, it’s just very expensive and boring to play. For alt summoner cost too much. That’s why KR players delete it.

Even after the big balance patch that happened back in May that made Shock Scrapper and DB Striker the new fotm top DPS, Summoner is rated, at best, middle A tier DPS which puts it only above 4 other classes.

That’s a far cry from “not bad at all”.

Them releasing Glaivier first last time would prove otherwise. So who knows.

i have my doubts they’re going to release 2 mage classes in a row but man…i just want my summoner :o( it’s the only class that is apart of the original lineup and still not in the game yet. they said they’d release classes in the order at which they were released so i’m just hoping they keep their word and release summoner next COPIUM

What about Sorceress then? she was released after Reaper :slight_smile:

Since is ags we might get summoner

I prefer scouter, but both should get released, dont see why all the classes apart from the specialist are not already out in our game. Doesnt matter which one gets released, a small amount of both sides who cba to wait anymore will leave. They should just release both since the community wants both of them so much.

Pretty sure the topic is about class already out, As per your comment The next gender bend class is acvtually female zerker

Can’t w8 for her to be released! I’m in love with zerkers I wonder what new skills is she going to get!!