Scouter powerpass compensation

That’s it. Pheons would be nice too. That’ll calm the people down

they already said NO power pass for machinist!



that’s why I’m asking for it as compensation for today’s fiasco lol

you are confused about what NO means

bro I dunno if you’re memeing or what lmao you’re not contributing anything meaningful to this

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I mean i wish but lets be honest its not going to happen

if they give powerpass, most likely people would be spending money on an additional character slot too, it’s a win win

if not, AGS thinks people will swipe for slot AND powerpass that has ended the special deal

Why does everyone feel so entitled as to demand stuff like this for the extended maint? First off, you can buy a powerpass for the scouter or even use knowledge transfer, why should they change their very clearly stated point regarding that topic? And secondly, most people don’t care about yet another power pass, or the scouter in general, but rather want aura of resonance to make up for the daily grind loss. Much more reasonable imho. These posts with demanding free stuff getting ridiculous.

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relax dude, they’re just memeing about compensation at this point.

even the CMs are memeing about it

if your feelings are so hurt looking at these, fyi by the looks of it you do, I suggest you to apply for a job in AGS or become a volunteer white knight for AGS


Finally someone who gets it lol

ikr people here are so serious here that they think every post is written by a mob with a torch and pitchfork

Make sure you get compensated in irl money for defending them from a joke okay? Lol

Yeah man and nothing harmless about asking for stuff lol it’s not as if I was threatening ags or something lmao

Go look at people arguing about getting free costumes because merger people can keep theirs if they have two rosters on the to be merged servers and come at me again, DUDE. :joy: Not even 30% of these people are trolling. Always good to hide behind the “memeing” bs. But yea, am deeply hurt by all this, you see right through me :cry::heart: gimme a hug pls

Bro my post was nowhere near hostile lmao I dunno what your problem is honestly

we all know best they will do is 30 plumes, 5 day aura and 5 battle items chest, that’s also reason why most people are trolling

If someone really thinks that we’d get something actually meaningful then they need to see a doctor

Never said its hostile. Just pointed out other solutions. If you’re not open for a discussion, don’t post stuff :heart: