Scouter waiting room

Pray our boy Scouter is next.

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How good can we be?

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its rough finding a main atm without scouter, i made a striker feels weak sauce without maxed out engravings, Artillerist i rage when the boss moves bc the 3-5 sec delays i cant play, hawkeye is kinda fun not really for me tho, zerker is fun but nerfed to the ground, playing destroyer atm and gun lancers their fun atm.

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zerker is fun but nerfed to the ground

Wat. Berserker is still one of the Top 3 dps

Anyway, hopes are high that we get Roadmap early next week.

agree, scouter is just the best class of the game, is very hard to play this game without having the best class


Next week guys, next week :heart_eyes:


4 more days until the road map boys, how we feeling?

I’m honestly fucking terrified. Been hoarding materials, gems and buying engravings this whole time, in the hope Scouter is next to arrive.

I’m now the last one of my friends to still play, but I’m afraid that if Scouter is not announced next week, I’ll be tapping out too.

How you guys holding up?


Pretty sure they know scouter is a popular class so they intentionally delay it until the game drops in player numbers and then they will release it to get a player count boost. My guess is near the end of 2022

The game has been dropping in player numbers for a while now, but they can hide it by keeping the bots.

Even a recent article mentioned that Lost Ark having around 600K concurrent players proves it’s a very succesful game, even though players only make up around 140k-160k.

Next Month Scouter :smiling_imp:


Let’s pray

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Lets go scouter !!!


just waiting for the baby :blush:


Still alive?


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Man I had a dream about Scouter release announcement. How is it possible im down this bad :rofl:

Let something in 1370 and start gather greater honor leapstones

With the power of the almighty F-35, I Command thee scouter! Appear before me!!!

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Lobbies when Scouter releases:

i014135789028 (1)


Hopefully we’ll be looking at such glorious scene soon