Scrapper 5x3 - swiftness vs crit

Running Taijutsu, pricing out a 5x3…
Ive done a bit of testing on various setups. I think im leaning toward a full (70/30 ish) swiftness build. Rotation is smoother,much smoother, movement speed is much better and it was my second highest parse.

So my question is…in late T3 (Vykas HM/Clown) would you take a swiftness taijutsu scrapper? Or is this a complete waste?

Considering Taij, grudge, adrenaline, raid captain, ambush master 70/30 swiftness.

It parsed just a bit below taij, grudge, cursed doll, adrenaline, ambush 70/30 swiftness but I won’t be gimped with health pots being lowered via cursed doll.

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Prioritizing swiftness makes dps smoother and more consistent. Especially during mech or cut scene heavy raid. Its also easier since you dont have to pay as much attention to a set rotation.

Swift scrapper is perfectly viable as taijitsu. It is honestly preference. Im debating on rolling shock since i have all swiftness or spam heavy classes and want to play something different.

If i remember right, soul fist as an example, only needs 1200 swift if dominion set is activated in hype 3. Im not sure if scrapper has a " magic " number, but im sure a little digging will give you enough information to compile and make a decision on the stat split.

Yo my friend, Tai Scrapper main here as well. Something I would suggest is looking up a Korean Player named Kang J on YouTube. He is very cool, and runs a Tai Scrapper. His set up is about 60/50 Crit/Swift though. That is how I modeled my Scrapper after once watching his videos. I was running 70/30 Swift/Crit. Up until 1415 then made the switch over to my current build with 60/50 Crit. I honestly love the flow of it and love the numbers I’m seeing. With good gem setup and runes on skills. I still have good uptime and don’t see those annoying grey numbers more often than big boy crits you know? It’s personal preference for sure because both are viable. Like I said though check him out so you can see it visually for yourself, only thing to keep in mind is he does have bracelet for extra stats cause he is on KR, but take it from me that even without bracelet and modeling after his setup I still do prefer it over my Swiftness priority build. Let me know what you think!

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Of course I’d take a swift scrapper, wdym? I’d love to see some builds which are not copy pasta off of inven or the current meta, there is very little DPS difference anyway. And at the end of the day DPS is only determined by personal skill.

Idk swiftness is nice, but ur rotation doesn’t change much if u stack swiftness vs having high lvl cd gems. Losing out on a lot of crits but here is no right or wrong. Relic gear favors high swiftness but we aren’t there yet sadly

I 5hink if u can always have a galvier, deadeye in party for synergy swiftness pays offf due to crit buff/debuff. Also worth nothing once u get los 18, ur losing another 7% crit in exchange for 7% base damage.
Again no right or wrong build for tai. Just personal preference

If you have entropy 4 piece set, lost wind cliff cards and adrenaline 3 you can go 50/50 or even 30/70. your crit in combat is around 80% which is completly fine.
Ii would personally go for a 40/60 split and most definetly run keen blunt weapon as my 5th engraving, is way stronger than cursed doll if you have the crit to back it up, which you do.

Let’s say you have a base crit of 25% (which is basically just necklace) you get back attack bonus (10%), adrenaline (15%), entropy (17%) and LWC (7%) giving you a total of 64% crit without synergies from party members.
That’s why I would go for 40/60 split, so you put in a ring with crit which ideally pushes you over 80% without synergies from party.

they are both similar in overall performance at the end of the day, just pick what you prefer, do you want to see more consistent Crits or have higher mobility/less cooldowns.

personally the 50/50 split has enough swiftness more so if your running with a guildmate or static that has relic set for support in upcoming clown this would be the norm.

if your a swiftness junkie that loves speed above all else then yea just go for 70/30 swift build

my taijutsu scrapper runs 70/30 since i main all swiftness classes so got use to the speed,

Im struggling to price this all out, whatever build or direction I choose.

Either the piece doesnt exist yet on the AH or theres one peice thats 50k. Im stuck :frowning:

Ya unless u got double legendary engravings and a good stone, ur not getting any sort of budget tai build using primary engravings

You cant parse with crit chance even on something like EO soulfist which is small attacks.
The variations can be -20% to 20% and you dont know where to position yourself.

… so yea unless you parsed 1000 times for 2 minutes, you need something like WoW sims to know which is better and even then it’s not real combat.

Whats considered budget at this point?

Willing to spend upward of 50k today and maybe another 10-20k next week to finish it out

Depends, do u have legendary books and atleast 7/7 stone? Nah 50k might get u a couple acc in current market

Realistically, ur looking at a cool 150k-200k gold (assuming ur starting from scratch) cost to build it right. Factoring in rng on stone being atleast 20-30k unless ur crazy lucky. Most the gold goes into pheons so ya know lol. A lot of scrappers were scrappers pre KR buff so they were able to build for massively lower prices than those doing so now

Grudge legendary engraving. 7/6 adren/cd stone but I wasn’t going to use CD 5x3.

I do have 3 5-3 keen blunt and adrenaline pieces.

Trying to utilize what Ive got there. Maybe taij/grudge/kb/adrenaline/ambush.