Scrapper Class name


so we should give feedback, i have some - and also a question.
Are the class names set in stone at this time? Since the announcement “Scrapper” is definitive a name that many people dislike for the Martial Artist - Infighter, that some already know for a longer time, or even hearing for the first time.

I know - dictionary wise an Infighter is less accurate and more leaning towards someone who fights with their own team and Scrapper is the dictionary wise better translation.

But there is also “scrap” which is also a word for waste material and it just sounds bad. I also think about maybe some kind of mechanic when hearing “Scrapper”.
I know i’m not the only one. So maybe can you tell us if the option might be still there to get “Infighter” or another name for that class? Or is it just as it is and it cannot be changed anymore.

To others, please be civil when voicing your thoughts on that.

See you soon ingame :slight_smile:


Would like to have a rename too. For the most people, who haven’t looked at dictionary for the meaning of Scrapper, they would easily think it’s a person who picks up pieces of scrap of the ground.


I’m definitely in favor of ther name change.
Infighter is just a made-up word, scrapper immediately evokes a tough and rough fighter type.

Also, because you in particular need a dictionary to find the meaning of a particular word, it does not mean everyone does (please do not take this as a criticism towards you, besides commonly used ones everyone knows different words depening oin their taste in literature, their age and so on)


Much prefer Infighter (not a made up word). An infighter is someone who uses a very close and in your face style of fighting, not staying out of range and moving in for strikes. Scrapper works but I’m not a fan of it, to me it evokes more a light weight fighter zipping in and out of combat. Either way I’m happy to play the class and it is fun.


@Grimfodr see? Exactly what I was talking about.
I have never seen infight used as a noun before Lost Ark. Everyone knows different words :slight_smile:

Yep! Absolutely. It is more used in boxing and martial arts. Partly dislike scrapper as when I think of it I think of the Scrapper in GW2 which is a techy-engineering character that tends to wield a huge wrench and uses drones. Also (much like a number of other changes) it causes issues with consistency of other versions of Lost Ark for folk who don’t pay attention to it. Heh, and I just like Infighter more. (I -do- like Wardancer more than the original, despite the above)

MATONA in spanish…lmao


Anyone who isn’t into boxing/martial arts or uses English as non-native language probably will tell you that they have no idea what Scrapper means.

This is probably 90%+ of your European community.


Nah, you’re way off base @Daido .
Even with only frequency in literature scrapper is used an order of magnitude more than infighter, and for the latter the most common usage is “figthing inside a group” too.

source: google books ngram count Google Ngram Viewer

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Even if that’s the case, Scrapper was called Infighter by the community for the last 6 years.
Literature is one thing, online gaming community is different.


Absolutely support this. Scrapper reminds me of some form of guy that picks up trash from a junkyard and builds stuff out of it haha I dont know why.
But yes, please. i support this. Infighter is great, yet it doesn thave to be infighter. Just not scrapper please :laughing:


I spent a while discussing this with folks before and no one could come up with the right name… Brawler might be a bit better, but it kinda invokes some sort of back-alley drunken fighter, not a martial artist… it’d be better if soul master remained that, without the fist in the name, and then the infighter could be a ____ fist, not sure what though, I thought of Iron given their gauntlets, but then that’s a comicbook character (and I imagine hawkeye was the whole reason name changes got started to begin with).

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Even though I understand that “Scrapper” is more correct translation compared to “Infighter” I wish they left names like this (like iconic characters, boss names etc.) alone because some names like this can trascend languages sometimes.

We’ll see if we get used to them over time or if they decide on changing in the future.

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Guess I am not too invested in the names of the classes, but I have heard and seen people who are scrappers when it comes to fighting. Same as saying he is a brawler, referring to the fighting style irl of certain people.

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Honestly, whatever they go with for the final class names seems largely irelevant as it’s not gona make or break anyones class choice.
That said tough, i like chaos :cat:
As such my vote’s to keep it scrapper. :stuck_out_tongue:

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A lot of class renames feel off, but some like Holy Knight to Paladin at least make sense. Can’t say I’m fond of Scrapper instead of Infighter or even Ward Dancer instead of Battlemaster

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I agree also. Maybe “Mercenary”?

I genuinely think keeping all the original Korean names would have been a good idea. A lot of people who played on other regions are already used to them. A lot of Russians still use the Korean class names, 2 years later. Things like Infighter, Warlord, Hawkeye, Devil Hunter, they’re unique enough to keep.


Please consider the name change since it will be my main! It just doesn’t sound good even though the translation might be accurate. First impression is important.

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Seems like the wish for a different name even not “Infighter” is there. Sorry to tag you @Roxx ,but can you maybe say a word about the possibility of a rename? No confirmation is fine, just if it might be a thing and considered for release. Thanks :slight_smile:

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