Scrapper didn't really get buffed in Korea

So a lot of people including the popular content creators in Korea such as Ohbenji, Saintone, ATK etc… were all saying that Scrapper was one of the big winners in the recent Korea balance patch (obviously coming to NA at some point) so I was excited and went to review the patch notes to see how buffed we were.

I noticed that everyone was looking at the line saying scrappers got a flat 24% dmg increase on all skills and a 5% dmg buff on the Taijutsu engraving.

HOWEVER, if you look at what was removed, ready attack from charging blow which at L4 tripod is +24.5% dmg buff and +27.6% dmg buff @ L5 tripod were removed!

In addition, they also reduced conviction + judgement runes effectiveness to additive rather than the previous multiplicative.

So in short scrappers didn’t get buffed at all! All they got was a change in playstyle where they don’t have to start every combo with charging blow but the DPS is basically the same… Wheres the big win here???

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Talking about shock. It is a massive QOL buff. Image we can use 2 green skills back to back without losing damage.
This Patch will also give some flexibility to use different skills.
I can see me use judgement which now has backattack in short damagewindows. Or Weave it in between big greens.

Yeah but in Korea, people were complaining that the scrapper’s DPS was kinda low or average at best and was asking Smilegate to buff it’s dmg. They didn’t really buff it’s dmg, just made it even easier to play when it’s already easy to play…

I saw a few scrapper MVP’s on abreshuld raid yesterday it was actually my first time seeing a scrapper on the mvp screen on any legion raid lol

Ofc it got buffed because now you can basically get more hard hitting skill in short burst windows before the boss flies around. New bosses will move way more than the boring ass bosses we have. Im so happy that i dont need to use a mobility skill anymore when i sit in the bosses face already

charging blow change was a godsend

its true that the dmg buff was not a “buff” per se , but now u dont need that low time debuff to put dmg , is the OPORTUNITY of doing that dmg instead of relying on a short debuff

I just thought they dropped the ball on this class balance since the DPS was low, average at best and the class was one of the easiest classes to play. Now they made it even easier but didn’t really buff the dps, kinda backwards, should be making the class abit harder but higher dps ceiling.

Sorry to put it that way but just like the same people that only looked what interested them, you did the same.

  • you dont need to loose a big amount of time between spells since we no longer need to charge every 3 seconds. Even better we can use it for gap closing way more effectively than before.

  • fierce tiger strike with the tripod up to 375% or something more damage, we are speaking of a 8 second cd spell that does as much damage as battering fists or earthquake chain.
    ( to be clear its as if we say, hey sorceceress what about you get an extra explosion spell with 8 sec cd ? Thats what happened to taij scrapper)

There is definitely a huge buff on QoL and on fierce strike for taijutsu.

Im not a shock main but as someone said using two greens back to back must be a great help for shock players.

So please dont be definitive in your words when you speak only of 25% of the patch about scrapper.

EDIT : just checked fierce tripod lvl 5 is 388% to be precise.

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Also calculations dont work with just +x% there is a big difference in video game with buffing by 24% a spell dmg BEFORE stats modificators like strength etc and AFTER modifications like through dmg buffs etc from skills aura etc.

You can be confident that this specific point is what zeal and saint are talking about.

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People like you have no understanding of nuance whatsoever, all you see is DAMAGE BUFF = better. No consideration on synergy or how it affects rotation. Let me ask do u even have a scrapper or what. If anything that so called buff is actually a nerf to that skill(fierce tiger strike). You could ask any high level scrapper player.

Let me explain it in terms that you could understand, Since u use sorcs as example.

Imagine if they remove the damage amp from Blaze ability and increase the damage by %400. BIG DAMAGE BUFF Must be good.

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ITT: People who don’t understand their class.

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I do have a scrapper taijutsu main 1445.

Ill try once more for you :

  • having to charge every 3-4 seconds with full charge animation was a dps downtime.

  • removing the buff on charge compensated by taij buff and overall dmg buff = free tripod
    If you are familiar with relic+ gears you then know that tripods on gear is the bread and butter dps wise.

  • the tripod we had for buffin on fierce is replaced by the one that goes up to 388% so we STILL have a free tripod for any spell as we used this one already
    From testing in KR it resulted as if we have one extra dmg spell in the rotation which is a huge buff that no other class have.

  • you have an extra tripod usage that you can use to make fierce even better or to buff up any other main dps source you like.

Im not taking direct offense of what you say, and i hope that your next answer will include facts for your arguments.

Also i dont understand why i would post on this thread if i hadnt a scrapper main.

If you dont change your tone/behavior i will flag your post to respect ToS.



Does fierce get a new tripod like 388% dmg to push immune foes or how exactly can I imagine?

Change: When an attack hits, damage increases by up to 300.0/322.0/344.0/366.0/388.0% depending on the number of targets.

Thats from KR patch note google translate.

And as i stated just to clarify any doubts, i have 0 strong opinion on shock scrapper as i play taijutsu (just in case).

So here again u completely ignore anything else beside the damage buff. The DAMAGE BUFF is irrelevant to the overall DPS of the class.

The argument can be made to Tai scrappers, Of course it benefits Tai scrappers because they have all low cd skills in the first place and removing damage amp from skill like Charging will help there damage overall. That doesnt meant the damage YOUR overall damage is increase, it just substitute it for something else. This is not a direct BUFF in damage

I think the charging change is overall good for scrapper. BUT what about shock scrapper because you know theres 2 spec to the class. They have longer cds and use damage amps between to increase there damage. Fierce tiger strike was their secondary damage amp ability to help increase the damage in between skills. Now that they change to increase the damage of it instead of a damage buff. IT has only nerf the skills for this spec.

The only thing this BUFF did is increase the damage of the average scrapper enjoyers but no way did it increase the damage of the class.

I dont know if i understand you wrongly but numbers do matters otherwise we would say that because its just “numbers” there was no nerf on surge DB ( im exagerating here on purpose to be sure we understand each other).

Also still on taijutsu, if because of patch i can do 10 damage spells instead of 7 because i dont need charge setup to do so, i do increase my dps dont i ?

  • as the charge dmg buff is compensated by the 24% overall buff and the 5% dmg buff on tai engraving.

And this is easyly managable cooldown wise if you go for a main swiftness stat scrapper taijutsu (ambush, taijutsu, grudge, precise dagger, raid captain and spirit abso lvl 1).

Again and i agree mostly with you that it seems blurry to me that shock scrapper was buffed. But there are KR shock specialist that could defend the case i guess.

It is a win for shock because while it already does respectable DPS endgame, its burst rotation actually usually drops 1 green skill from the 3 sec buff duration so in essence this buffed 1 skill by 25% and moreso if you got interrupted during your burst window.

Same with taijutsu, normally not every skill landed in those 3 seconds when bosses move or you get hit, this makes the dmg more steady.

my scrapper is still kind of low ilvl (1370) but to me atleast this seems like buff for taj becuse of dmg uptime and more fluent rotations, i think alot of players only look at dmg numbers in snapshots instead of dmg output over a period of time, its not my main yet so icould be wrong becuse of my limited playtime and knowlege of the class
Edit this also is a multiplicative increase and the buff that was removed is additive so thats a huge difference to…

Why should they buff it when its already op…
People in korea were happy that they didnt nerf anything on shock build

You dont neee a buff to be a winner from a balance patch, when u win already if they dont nerf it