Scrapper or Machinist? Punika Pass & Hyper Express sugestion :)

Hi ladies & gentlemen of Arkesia, i need some suggestion what class do i have to use my punika pass & hyper express :rofl: as my new alt.

i always wanna try taijutsu scrapper though but the machinist seems to be a great alt character, hopefully i could decide after reading ur thoughts,

Thanks before and have a great day fellas :stuck_out_tongue:


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Idk if you are into anime but scrapper skills are like from the anime called One Punch Man, scrapper battering fist is like saitama’s “consecutive normal punch” and one of their ult is like saitama’s “Serious punch” :smiley:

lol, i know one punch man, but i didnt watch it haha

yeah i always like the animation of scrapper skills, seems very heavy & powerful :rofl:

okay scrapper 1 machinist 0 for now,

thanks for reply :slight_smile:

So far both are fun. Scrapper is more agile and has no real downtimes. Machinist has some clunky animation locks in the rotation if you play the transformation engraving (can’t talk about the other one).

Depends on what you have so far. Scrapper is a back attacker and easy to play and in my opinion the most fun out of the fighter class.
Machinist is a bit more clunky and animation locked but as a mid range class also very fun (because of the machine gun, the evil laugh while shooting and … well… pew pew lasers). But all the engravings and equipment pieces are very expensive at the moment!

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the other one has a bit of animation locks too.

and can be a bit annoying on bosses that move around a lot.

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It’s mostly the drone skills (the blue ones) that are a bit annoying. While you use them, you can’t use any other blue skills until the drone is done. You can use other skills and move but that is the part that feels a bit clunky.
As transformation classes go, I found Shadow Hunter more spammy and smooth. But very much fun nontheless and I love the animations :smiley:

Edit: I just found out, that you can animation cancel the blue skills by pressing R. That is very good to know :smiley:

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Scrapper is so fun to play. She is so fun i have both taijitsu and shock scrapper accessories and now just finishing my level 7 shock gems (lvl 7 tai gems already done).

She’s the only class in the game i turn on the in game volume for, so i can hear the sound effects of her punches

Scrapper animations are pretty poor in my opinion.

Scouter is the cooler transformation class.


  • Less boring (you use little combos in your hyper sync mode and dont faceroll like demonic)
  • Getting a 60% max. health shield feels better than the view hp demonic heals
  • You have one long range and 2-3 mid range skills compared to demonic
  • Animation locks can be canceled by ordering your drone back
  • In the downtime of your transformation you got a big movement skill that gives you an even bigger shield (downtime is also very short as you will fill your identity faster than demonic)
  • Only two Jewels required just as demonic
  • Very satisfying animations and sounds
  • Barricade is cheaper than hit master


  • very squishy in the short windows without a shield
  • when the shield of your transformation gets consumed you transformation gets canceled
  • unlike demonic spec does not extend the duration of your transformation only its dmg - so even less fun than demonic before you got some solid spec
  • class engraving does not grant you crit rate (demo does)

Cheers :heart:

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Okay Scrapper 2 machinist 0 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for ur kind reply :+1:

one of the reason i wanna try machinist is because the gems though, only need 2 of themjust like SH :rofl:

yeahh she’s so agile from what i see, and hear battle cry when using skills are also kinda cool , scrapper 3 machinist 0 now :smiley:

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very insightful information bro, i’m not gonna lie, the cheap cost of gem really interest me, i had an SH alt and she’s so cheap to build :dollar:

finally there is one who really recommend machinist, 3 scrapper and 1 machinist now :rofl:

Thank you for reply :+1:

scouter if you want low investment and also low brain power alt (shield on transformation, you can tank alot, you basically just spam your spells off cooldown and dont care for positionals)

scrapper will deal significantly more damage if you play it properly but its higher investment both for gems and engravings and you have to actually play

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yeah i had a similar brainless SH as an alt, with same cheap gem also :rofl:

but when i learn about taijustu scrapper i thought the rotation is not that hard, only had to manage back attack which my main (DB surge) always did :stuck_out_tongue:

and if i wanna main swap i think scrapper is more viable haha

thank you for the heads up :smiley:

Machinist is less brainless. All 3 (SH, Machinist and Taijutsu Scrapper) are fairly easy where SH is def. the easiest of them. Machinist is a slightly bit more complicated mid range SH.

Scrapper is fun. Even if I like my Machinist (and my DH :smiley: ) but Scrapper is fun and you should at least give it a try. You have more of a priority skill list and mostly it is about staying in the enemys back. Personaly I have a hard time doing this…

i would not recc people make Scrapper as its one of the most expensive class to build atm, all relic gear for it is extremely expensive.

Machinist being a new class has hype so prices are inflated atm.

honestly i recc you do some research and find a reasonble class to build otherwise its going to take you months to get full Relic set at reasonable price.

hahah in the end i made a scrapper and having a great time, so nimble and quite tanky lol,for damage i havent tried its best potential since its only 2x3 atm in 1370 :stuck_out_tongue:
can even survive with only green hp potions :rofl:

yeah the price right now is crazy af, maybe i’ll make it 4x3 since it would be cheaper,
im in love with the gameplay already (scrapper) :rofl:

i cant even make my main (DB surge) 5x3 because of the stupid acc price & books lol

I think Machinist is so unique. Imho scrapper, wardancer, striker,… sure they’re different but they look the same in a way, guy hitting with punchs and stuff :smiley:
Machinist so different, I think they always worth it to have as an alt for fresh playing.

At the end of the day, watch some videos, think what effects look cooler, and chose :smiley:

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