Scrapper or Wardancer for main

Hi there I’m trying to decide on a class maybe to main? I know Scrapper does overall more damage while Wardancer is a slightly more supporty version of striker that revolves around burst windows while scrapper is a build+spend kind of class with her green/yellow skills. As well I’ve been told wardancer is incredibly mana hungry until she’s sufficiently funded.

Could anyone who plays one or both these classes (1445 or higher) try and explain a bit more between the choice between the two classes as I’ve watched countless videos of each and I can’t decide and maybe someones personal experience could sway me one way or the other.

If you want to main then obviously you have to play Shock which is Slow playstyle with big numbers class where as Eso-Wardancer leans towards more fast playstyle. Scrapper is more fun if you like big numbers and Wardancer is fun if you don’t care about damage much and want something more mobile.
Don’t play taijutsu as Main, it gets super boring after few weeks, talking from experience, Tai is a super good alt and super trash main. You will often hear from poeple that Tai is more fun but it is not and this not even subjective, the whole playstyle is press buttons behind the boss not a single sense of any rotation, pretty much more boring than SH.

Oh, most of the vykas/Argos Povs of scrappers I was watching were running Tai, and it’s not optimal?

It is Optimal but it is so braindead playstyle and only reason to play Tai is because it is a Swiftness based class but have less damage potential and less scaling as compared to Shock, If you want to play fast paced class I will recommend playing Eso-Wardancer or maybe EO SF if that interest you as these both are fast and scales very well even they are swiftness based.

Shock is a bit stronger but both are fine… shock is a bit easier becuse she bursts more and dont have to stay glued to the boss as much as tai but tai is more fun i think… both my tai and shock are 1490… i get mvp on both but definetly more often on shock… just go with what you find most fun… tai is crit swift mix or all in one of those while shock is full spec… also tai gives a bit of freedom in chosing skills while shock is kind of set in stone…

Shock Infighter (or Scrapper as it is known in our bigot version of the game) would be the right choice IMO. Slow class but big numbers. And I mean really big. Often times you will do more damage than classes with 20-30 item levels over you. Another pro is that this build has cheaper legendary engravings than Taijutsu build. Taijutsu is fine too, but it is more expensive and delivers less overall damage. It is up to you if you prefer a slower build with big dick damage, or a more mobile one but with brainless gameplay and slightly less damage.

Wardancer is a fine class too. First Intention build is more expensive, but easier to play. Esoteric is harder to play but it can outdamage FI build if played properly. Problem with Wardancer is that since Wind Whisper had its crit self-buff removed, it is not as good of a class as it used to be. It becomes rather optimal in late game only. Both builds are very mobile.

I tested a lot classes at game release, and first was playing striker as my main, but then created scrapper (shock), and insta changed my main to it

Get off the copium lmao. Both shock and taij are super easy to play compared to some of the classes we have. Its actually way harder to get your damage off as taij than shock since you have to have way higher uptime on the boss.

Fun is subjective. For me fun =/= big number. I main Taijutsu scrapper because of her mobility, she has the ability to always stay on the boss’s ass.
I also have a FI Wardancer alt (1490+). She’s also fun, but one thing that make her not as fun as my Scrapper is that I have to manage domination buff, with our current stats, if not manage conv/judgement properly you can lose up to 40s of domination buff and that is frustrating sometimes.

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I do have a 1495 First Intention Wardancer. While technically your dmg ceiling ist lower than other classes, your dmg ist pretty much guaranteed. In Lobbies with similar ilvls i get MVP 3 out of 4 times, If you are worried about dmg. People tend to be very happy having you in their Party, because of your synergies. Very fast, very mobile and there are workarounds for the mana problems. Fair warning though: Pretty expensive to build.

I feel like every class is expensive to build ^^; but a common thing I hear is wardancer is very unfun until you reach very late game due to mana issues.

Wardancer ist very unfun till 1445, cause the class doesnt work properly without relic Gear. The mana issues can be circumvented in 2 ways:

  1. Focus runes on Winds Whisper and Roar of Courage + the mana recovery tripod(lvl 1 is enough) in Winds Whisper 1st row.

  2. Going 2 Set Nightmare as soon as you get to 4 piece Relic (might be a FI Thing dont know bout ESO).

The cost primarily comes from FI books are on the more expensive site. And in FI at least you technically want every gem on 10 save for 2, cause you actually have skill downtimes after your Rotation.

If I can ask, is FI fun? Locking myself out of esoteric skills seems like it’d be not as fun but I guess the trade off is a more mobile spammy “piano” playstyle?

It becomes spammy when you have the awakening buff from the relic set (dominion) and the judgment rune. Until then its more like a burst playstyle. Im also running my FI wardancer with 2 entropy and 2 nightmare, so I never run out of mana. The one thing I dislike the most is the energy combustion “bomb” which is unpredictable damage and it hits hard so if you miss it thats a huge dmg loss, also when it becomes this spammy its harder to back attack every spell, so lots of FI wardancer players build it with keen blunt engraving and they dont use the entropy set, that way they can spam every spell in every direction. I have a scrapper too, its much easier playstyle and does more dmg, but both of them are fun to me.

I really like it. You basically have 3 dmg skills and the others are movement/buff stuff but you do have a rotation and it’s not piano like tai

LOL. You should try both in:

  1. Hell/Inferno Content (Equalized + every hit is punishing).

  2. Solo carrying and not over gearing content.

You will quickly see which one is easier to pull off damage.

That being said shock has a much higher ceiling tho

I main shock scrapper and it’s not hard to play at all. Boss moving faster than you can do ur spells is some you can only play around with spirit or supp, db, wd etc

Think most others have covered it. But as people have stated above if you want to see huge numbers go Scrapper. If you want to have good numbers but be extremely mobile Wardancer might be the fit for you. Wardancer is an odd class though. Currently at 1510 and I have put down and then come back to this class a couple of times at least.

Wardancer is a rather large investment before it starts to feel like a regular class. Scrapper on the other hand; it can hit hard right out of the gate.

I started as FI, then ended up going ESO as I became more geared/comfortable with the class. FI is a little more mobile, ESO hits a little bit harder. Both are viable at end game. I switched from FI mainly out of boredom. The main difference between the two builds is that with FI you can just kind of spam keys. You run in and out of combat at will. ESO you build up a combo rotation; so it forces you to kind of plan ahead and then try to pop everything off within a short window. Wash and repeat.

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