Scrapper Question

Am still new to Scrapper so whats better for her, Crit Damage or Crit Rate

Preferably both. Could you be a bit more precisely?

Crit rate argos set with adrenaline engraving

like the set bonus for argos gear crit rate or crit damage is what i meant

I’ve seen both but you usually go with crit rate. If you play full crit with adr you can also go crit dmg set if you like the appearance

For Argos it is so early you want the crit chance (as far as I know and have read)

For later sets it might be more of a question (not sure how it goes with those later ones)

It will depend on your engravings and main stat.

If you run Adrenaline + Crit main stat. The the Crit DMG set is better, since you will have around 65% crit rate at 1200 crit stat.

Crit rate when it comes to Argos set since shock scrapper stack specialization and taijutsu swiftness so literally no point of crit damage set.