Screen Shake is horrible and cannot be fully disabled

I cannot stand the screen shake so over half the classes are unplayable. It makes me nauseous. Berserker, Paladin, Shadowhunter, Deadeye - one chaos dungeon and i feel like hammering ALT+F4. Deathblade and Bard are nice, even though not completely sheenshake-free.

The setting does not work for many things. Why? How is this such a hard thing to implement? Give me an option to disable all screen shake.

edit: still terrible. Fix pls.

Agreed. As a Mayhem Berserker, every single thing I do makes my screen shake even though I have that toggled off, from mounting to gathering to literally anything else. The noise I can deal with, because at least I can disable that reliably.

i agree that it does seem like camera shake, but it is actually a slight change in camera distance from the ground do to vertical changes of the character/mount etc… they need to allow an gameplay option of “fixed camera”.