Screen Shake is still on after disabling it on skills in the settings

hi there,

i would like to give feedback since i really really hate screen shake in general. i dont feel sick when playing games with screen shake but it feels really bad in my opinion and dimishes the enjoyment immensly.
i disabled screen shake in the settings but it just disables it when using skills specifically. this evening i was camping the tooki in rohendel for the adventure tome and i noticed screen shake in different situations:

  • when hitting with an auto attack as berserker (no idea about other classes)
  • when getting hit by a mob
  • every time my mayhem effekt gets triggered (mounting, gathering etc.)

feel free to add more triggers that still cause screen shake. i really hope there will be an option in the future that removes screen shake completely. i do liket he game a lot but this makes it hard for me to keep playing for longer sessions.