Screenshot thread for why we need in game GM's or EU language channels

Nothing else needs to be said.

Please share your own server screenshots too as evidence of why this needs to happen. I don’t think AGS understands the severity.

Here are some from my server on Sirius.





Please, if you refuse to enforce language choices, at least moderate the chats with GM’s.
Thank you!

Source: Spanish problem on Kadan - #26 by Roxx

Please note that we will not be enforcing specific languages across any servers – even if language-preferred tags were to be implemented, these would just be preferred/suggestions.


Thankyou for sharing. I am supporting the idea to at least have optional language based chats. Not forcing anything on anybody. It would help to spread some peace. Also ppl would no longer feel left out by not understanding the chat all the time.


It’s the same in North American servers.

We have a lot of Spanish speaking trolls.

It would be great if the servers were language locked and that it were enforced.

Even if just for the sense of community, not to mention the trolling and lack of moderation.

If the trolls were speaking English and spamming, it’s the same annoyance. But when it’s another language, not only is the trolling annoying, but also the fact that there is a disconnect from the rest of the community entirely.

It isn’t good for anyone.

Whatever language you speak should have its own dedicated server for that language, and this should be enforced.

Not a complaint so much as an acknowledgment of a potential issue that may be looked into.


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No one language holds any server, if everyone can speak the same language it makes things easier but someone posting a looking for guild and being told stop speaking english? What ignorant assholes. Let them find their guild and they will speak in there most of the time. “this is german only” like no, germans do not own that server, get over yourselves.

With servers getting locked, having no language tags on servers to begin with, the community is spread out more. If you hate seeing a language you don’t understand block the person or close the chat smh.


I have no issue with people speaking different languages. I myself speak 2 languages and understand a 3rd slightly.

What I do not want to see is constant wars in the chat. I am not a moderator. It is not my job to report people 24/7.

Thank you for your understanding.


Verstehe dieses Geheule nicht. :roll_eyes: Wir können ja wenigstens beide Sprachen; und ggf. mehr. Oder ists einfach die Urangst vor Deutschen?))
Also, some are not wrong, UK has left EU.))
But… Подождите немного, скоро все будет по-русски. :smirk:

If you think my post is howling, you’re on the wrong thread and didn’t read a word.

Please stop.

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Spanish people are really annoying on trixion…

Please post screenshots if you have some.

It is not about “howling” or complaining. We are asking for a solution to an existing, obvious issue. That’s about it. And it would not hurt anybody if we had the choice to join an optional, language based chat. If one does not like it, dont join. It is that easy.

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Speak whatever language you want, simple.

If people are being salty and are flaming anyone who is not speaking English - they should just get banned.

This is quite common on Kadan also - allot of inappropriate conversations around people background/languages etc.

It might be useful if you make some kind of post or announcement that you don’t condone such behaviour and anyone committing to such behaviour will be dealt with accordingly. The last thing you want on such a big launch is people complaining/reviewing on it’s toxicity.


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That’s what I’m saying, but there’s too many to report each one. We need some GM action.

It would be better for everyone, generally speaking, if servers had dedicated languages. That’s just for the fact that this is an MMO and the sense of community, trade, etc are all better when there isn’t a language barrier preventing those meaningful interactions.

And filtering players based on language becomes tedious. When enough people are spamming in different languages, you might as well be seeing a wall of text that looks like symbols

!@#&%^&!@$# !@#!@ &%!@#(!@#(! &@

Such as the above, which would just perpetually spam your chat.

That’s what the suggestion is trying to resolve, it isn’t howling, it’s honest feedback.

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100% agree.

Of course, you’re basically right, and the arguments about the language barrier and better chat overview are also perfectly legitimate.
However, I doubt that subsequently already open servers will be branded with language identifiers as long as there is no server transfer. AGS had two options to split the servers by language, the first at headstart and the second at F2P launch. The next possibility - without triggering a new shitstorm, will only be the server transfer.

But the structure of the thread with the screenshots is just absolutely ridiculous from my point of view. What you can see in the screens:
Someone complains in the chat that these are “eu / international servers” and implies that everyone else has to write English. Pretty petty. This is followed by trolling in chat. Rightly so.

By the way, there’s nothing wrong with learning a few more languages, except your own, and entertainment media and social interaction are great for that :wink:

(ps: Я за то, чтоб’ все на русском языке говорили. :roll_eyes: )

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I meant in game language channels, like a tab where you can select it within the server.

Anything to stop the arguing about who owns the server.

Credit to Give us language based chats please!
for the idea.

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Still, what is the downside to just provide a optional language chat? if one joins to troll in a language not spoken in there it is easy to see and ban. And all those who think we dont need such a chat, just dont use it. It would be so easy to implement and also help to gain some peace.


And like I already mentioned, I speak multiple languages. This is not what the thread is about. Please stay on topic.


Do not : engage in behaviors that reduce or disrupt the enjoyment of the game for others. This includes spamming chat, griefing, throwing matches, boosting, win-trading, trolling, or spoiling the game by sharing unreleased or confidential materials.

Which sever is selected by russia community?

We’ll get them all)