Scuffed deathmatch's

The amount of times I get two other sorcess’s as my teammates, I cry.

Everytime I search Deathmatch on one of my alts I will get two sorcess what type of comp is that so ass. Need a way to prevent this somehow cause I get tilted.

Just mean there’s alot more people play sorceress on your server.

I’m even having trouble to get a team of 4 sorceress by sheer blind luck for achievement on my server lol.

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you realize arena is region wide not server right

No I don’t I just learn that.

But I have only been with 2 sorceress on my team like twice and seen once on enemy team. Also once vs full sorceress team.

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Normal DM’s has no form of queue / comp management. They’re normals.

Ranked you’ll see this less as there’s limitations.

at least that is good to hear

DM blows anyways its last kill rng