Sea Gates, Sea Bounties and Shipwrecks question

So I’m trying to get 100% Sea Bounties, but the only ones I’m missing are these “Shipwreck” ones…

Looking at Maxroll, it says I need to get a Secret Map, from a Sea Gate.


Do these drops on the chests? (the ones that you open with those “Key of _______” ?)

Or does it drop from the “main event quest”, inside the Sea Gate?

I hope its from the chests, because for that quest to be completed, it need about 30 people doing it… And it’s practically impossible to gather 30 players to do Sea Gates nowadays…

Chests. You need keys. Lots of them.

Yes from the chests. On average I guess you get 1 shipwreck map from 20 chests - not sure how high the chance is for a sea bounty. I think i visited around 10 shipwrecks so far and didn’t get a single bounty. At least it also gives gold :hugs:

it’s a multi layered RNG system.

You do Sailing Coop to randomly get a Key
You do corresponding gate to randomly get a map.
This map can randomly be diving or shipwreck. (diving doesn’t give sea bounty fyi).
You do Shipwreck and open the chest to randomly get Sea bounty.

Some extra info that i confirm you by empirical experience with some friends :

  • I advise you to do Gate when you have between 10~20 keys for that gate to avoid burning out.
  • Gate you do matters for coins rewards , card exp and amount of gold you’ll get from a diving or shipwreck.
  • Gate you do DOESN’T matter for sailors or sea bounty you’ll get from a shipwreck. (i got my Siren from Harmony, friend got it from Endurance)
  • Diving and shipwreck map can be epic or leg rarity, leg will give you more card exp and gold , can’t confirm for other rewards.
  • Shipwreck chest can be wooden or decorated, can’t confirm anything but it seems that you have higher chance for sea bounty on decorated.

and to give you an idea here’s what my 3/4 gone :

Total shipwreck done : 23
1 from epic shipwreck decorated chest
1 from epic shipwreck wooden chest
1 from leg shipwreck decorated chest