Searching Auction House for accessories with engravings

Something that is missing is when you look for an item.
Current system example:
engraving 1: 5 nodes
engraving 2: 3 nodes

You will have to do this over and over to see all auctions, instead of being able to set
engraving 1: 5 nodes option: 1,2,3
engraving 2: 3 nodes option: 1,2,3

If I would like an earing with
Specialization. min - max -
Grudge, Hit master, Igniter 5
Cursed doll, All-out attack 3

then I would get auctions for earrings like
spec, grudge 5, cd 3.
spec, hit master 5, cd 3
spec, Igniter 5, cd 3

Also another thing would make it so we are able to search for both earrings and rings.
Because if you give these search parameters for accessories you have to scroll through many bad necklaces.