Season 2 Extreme Rank ... is any point to maintaining to end of season?

ok… Season 2 Ends in a few weeks…

I already hit “Extreme” a couple weeks ago, but since have dropped to Sup 9 just to avoid the excessive maintenance every week.
All the vendor items have unlocked, and i purchased titles/mounts etc… and all of the honing material tiers remain unlocked (even the Extreme cosmetic Aura)…

So is there any point trying to get back and maintain the “Extreme” rank for the last weeks of the season, other than it showing the rank for you until next season? All of the items seem to still be unlocked and accessible on the weekly vendor.

Thanks for any replies clarifying this!

as 1rst season ended , you could buy afterwards , the mats aswell from the vendor

Extreme gives you more Coins , which means you can buy longer mats from the shop till new season starts ( which was a gap of 7 weeks i mean )

so if you like some extra juice/honing mats

and its worth for you , keep the rank each week for extra coins
if not , just drop it

Isn’t supreme / extreme rank reset?