Second awakening skip bug - how is this not fixed yet?

so I encountered a bug during my second awakening journey. I started the questline a long ago and kinda forgot about it… today I found it in my quest log (Missing Researchers quest). I decided to continue the questline. But after completing Missing Researchers, the NPC (Vant) had no new quest for me. I googled and the NPC (Vant) was supposed to give me the next quest in line -Investigate the Underground Market.
I started searching and discovered, this is actually a known bug - if you use a powerpass before completing the second awakening questline (I used Feiton powerpass), you basically skip it…
Is there a posiibility you can give me the questline back? I’m more of a horizontal progression kinda person and I want to experience the quest for myself…

Anyway… how is this still not fixed? I found a forum from February 13th, which disscused this topic. Why can’t I just choose if i want to proceed with the questline or skip it (just like the story recap in powerpass)?

I agree it would be best if we could still do quests, but the PowerPass effectively blanket completes all quests up to the point in the story. The Feiton pass will autocomplete any roster quest in all prior zones whether you’d done them or not “for real”.

It unlocks “another” stories from the adventure tome as if you’d done the X days of Una’s Dailies and completes them as well.

I’d prefer it to work like a free Knowedge Transfer and limited itself to actual required quests only, but in practice it completes even “horizontal” progress from the included covered zones. Though oddly, not for the item collection, hidden stories, vistas etc. only the “quests”.

Was very disappointing the original Vern PowerPass included Shushire (it was effectively a “Shushire PowerPass” not a “Vern PowerPass”).

I’d like it if it could be addressed in the future to behave differently.