Second day in a row the game crashes. Same hour. Same overloaded server

Yesterday at 6pm CET my game crashed out of nowhere. It disappeared but the process was still there and I could still hear the game on the background. I decided to close Lost Ark’s process and relog (allegedly the game saves your spot). My spot was gone because I was getting the overloaded server error nonstop. 1 hour later I could finally log in and bam, 6 hours of queue. Keep in mind I was logged in already and playing. Waited those 6 hours and the game worked fine.

Today I’ve played for several hours, and at the same time (6pm CET), the exact same thing happens. Game closes out of nowhere, I try to log back in and the server is overloaded, so I lose my spot and another 8 hours of my life.

Will you ever fix this or do I uninstall? It’s been a week already, full of issues. If I ain’t gonna be able to play the game I might aswell go play the Russian version, there atleast I don’t get randomly kicked for no reason and then have to wait for half a day to log back in.

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