Second Founder pack never arrived


so after almost 15 days, the second founder pack and mount never arrived on my account.

Not that i really like to complaint, but since ive seen all my friends getting theirs, i even went to a post giving my information. Till today, nothing.

Any regards about this?

IGN: Snapcasting
Server: Zinnervale EUCENTRAL


Did you claim your founders pack before 12pm PT/8pm UTC 14th February?



Hello, @pmosorio!

I see you didn’t get your additional founder’s pack.

As @Ichirou mentioned, the initial founders pack had to be claimed before 12pm PT/8pm UTC of Feb 14th. If it was redeemed before the deadline, please refer to this thread and add the information requested there. (Region / Server / IGN / founder’s pack missing)

I hope this helps!

Hi again,

I redeemed my founder pack 8th of february!

And i already posted my info in that thread like… 10 days ago. But i’ll keep waiting i guess.